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  • [update 2010-05-14]

    Sold Out!

    The demand for the Daria DVDs is so impressive, they're selling out everywhere. They sold out at Amazon, which might be the reason Daria slipped from No. 1 to No. 4. They have also sold out at PlayUsa.com, Barnes and Noble (online), and Best Buy (online). Dark Kuno reports that Daria sold out at all of the major retailers in his area within six hours.

    Just go to Google News and type in "Daria". Reviews of the show are nothing short of rapturous. People really, really love Daria. We here at DVDaria knew that. Now I'm sure MTV knows it, too.

    DVDaria: Over 50,000 Signatures Strong!

    No, that is not a typo. That is the number of signatures that keeps popping up in the media, in articles such as this, this, this, this, and this. These media sources credit fan efforts, including a petition, with keeping interest in Daria alive. Not sure how they arrived at the 50,000 figure, since the number at the top of this page is pretty clear. Maybe they cobbled the number together from several petitions? I wouldn't count on anyone in the media being that detail intensive. Plus, several mentioned just one petition. Maybe there's an alternate DVD petition out there? Like in some mirror universe; all this time, I've only been aware of this site's DVD efforts, when all along, someone else might have been gathering support and signatures, only reaching 50,000. Is there another petition like ours out there? Bueller?

    Assuming they mean the DVDaria petition, my guess is that MTV gave them the figure, not realizing the signature count was actually just under 31,000. Maybe the 50,000 number sounded more impressive. In any event, I'm just as glad the DVDaria sigs never had to reach 50,000 for the DVDs to be released, or it would have meant waiting another four years. I'm also glad we've gotten recognition for our efforts, even if it's indirect.

    S.C. for the 20th Anniversary Edition!

    Sadly, S.C.'s fantastic work was not used for the current DVD edition. However, he created an image of his ideal release that literally makes one's mouth water. Okay, I wouldn't want to pay that $1,997 price tag (though nice nod to the year the show premiered), but I could go for "Fandaria" and that figurine. ; >

  • [update 2010-05-11]

    It's Daria Day!

    Okay, it's a little late in the day for me to be announcing it, but I have an exam to study for (last one!). I have not had a chance to go through the DVD set thoroughly, so what I write below will just be my preliminary comments. I went through the extras and examined key scenes for the music.

    First, an important announcement: It looks as though both Best Buy and Amazon are selling the DVDs at a reduced price: $28. So if you haven't ordered yet, here are two key places to do so! [Update: It looks as though I was a little late in promoting it, as both are back to their $45 price tag.] Right now, Daria is No. 1 on Amazon.

    Second, regarding the international release of the DVDs: I spoke to my MTV contact, and he said that he was trying to "push it through," but it would not be in 2010. I know that a lot of people outside of the U.S. want to get their hands on a copy. For people who want a version in their own language, I don't have much to recommend. For those who can get the English-language version and simply lack a Region 1 player, Martin Sylvester revealed how you could find a region-free player.

    Now on to the review:

    Fan Dying of Thirst in the Desert Grade: A-

    Some part of me was going to worship these DVDs no matter what they included, just because finally! all 65 uncut episodes and the two movies were released. No Noggin edits! No wondering how the hell Daria ended up as a substitute teacher in "Lucky Strike." No missing "Could Jane be a Lesbian?" plotline in Is It Fall Yet?. "The F Word," not "Failed"!

    I have copies of the episodes from their MTV days, but not every fan was so lucky. Too many wasted their money buying shitty bootlegs filled with Noggin-cut episodes, or had to watch uploads over the Internet. Now they can get all of the plotlines, and all of the... lines. Including Jake's surprised "Wow. I really don't know my kids!" from "Lane Miserables."

    The minus is for Is It College Yet?, which is the cut-for-commercials version. The original IICY? was 74 minutes long, while this version is 66 minutes. Go to Outpost Daria to view the difference. Apparently it wasn't a blunder, at least by the current MTV staff; they just did not have a version with the original full-length audio. Somewhere along the way, it must have gotten lost. That's tragic, because while no plotline is sacrificed, at least one scene and some funny lines are cut in this version of IICY? Maybe some day, a janitor at MTV will find the original version propping up a couch in the lounge.

    Objective Consumer Grade: B

    There are some really nice features to this DVD set, some okay, and some letdowns.

    The Good:

    • I really liked the lead in to the menu screen. The animation is very playful, with an enlarged, smiling Daria head popping up in the foreground at one point before sinking back into her trademark circle. I'll confess, I expected a dull, still menu screen, so this was a nice surprise.
    • When you view the episodes individually, you have the option of watching the Daria Day/Sarcastathon short that preceded it (usually during a marathon before the premiere of a new season). Unfortunately, they won't appear if you do an automatic play through.
    • MTV could have just churned out a DVD set with no extras, and we still would have bought it. However, they took the trouble to include quite a few sought-after extras, including the pilot episode, the Daria Days, the alter egos, the Mystik Spiral video from IIFY?, Glenn Eichler's Mystik Spiral pilot, the Top Ten countdown, and more. I'm looking forward to watching them all.
    • The Mystik Spiral pilot script: My review is on the PPMB. It's a nice little addition to the Daria universe, and probably will lead to many fanfic "spinoff" episodes.
    • Brighter, shinier episodes: It's nice to have episodes where the reds have not worn to rust and there are no wavy lines. I've noticed occasional blurriness, but maybe MTV couldn't find a cleaner original.
    • I know I've said this before, but: ALL of the episodes! All of the humor!

    The Okay:

    • The music: I'd long prepared for the music to be replaced, so it wasn't a surprise when it actually was. In many respects, it wasn't as bad as I feared. I was never attached to the music in "Daria Dance Party," say, so the fact that "Kiss Me" has been replaced by a crooning male singer does not devastate me. It also sounds as though MTV managed to find a good enough replacement for Cyndi Lauper that no one can tell that "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" has been replaced (and yes, it has been replaced; Lauper wouldn't sell MTV the rights and they needed to buy the sheet music instead). However, there are some scenes where certain music is crucial or adds to the humor, and it is a shame MTV did not try harder to obtain it. Some key songs include REM's "Everybody Hurts," Monaco's "What Do You Want from Me?", and the Foo Fighters' "Everlong." As many have noted, the replacement song for "Everybody Hurts" does not fit and the replacement for "What Do You Want from Me"... does not work. What's really strange, though, is according to betting on delusions and sarcadam, MTV did manage to hold on to several original songs. But they are for very minor scenes, like Brittany's daydream in "College Bored." I would rather MTV pooled all of its money and bought one key song, like "Everybody Hurts," than buy songs for minor scenes that have no meaning for anyone.
    • The packaging: It's okay. Nothing great. I like seeing the characters on the discs, and having Glenn Eichler tell us all to bugger off about the music was a nice touch. Still, I wish there'd, I don't know... it would have been nice if in a letter to the fans, someone thanked us for once. Instead of treating us like neurotic burdens to be kept at a distance of ten feet at all times. Sure, Glenn thanks the people who made the DVDs, but would it have killed him to thank the people who reminded MTV there was a market?

    The Bad:

    • Once again: IICY? edited.
    • The cast interviews were a letdown. When MTV asked me what fans were interested in knowing, we sent about two dozen substantive questions. I would have loved a short five-to-ten-minute interview with each available voice actor, writer, or creator. Instead, what we got was a slightly more than six-minute mishmash. If they were answering our questions, I couldn't tell. The interviews were very typical MTV: failing to get below the surface, filled with jagged cuts and hopping to and fro so you could never keep track of who was talking. I think they were trying to produce some short informational that would give enough background to a newbie to the show. However, I don't think even a newbie would be satisfied by it. And of course the long-time fans wouldn't be. What a shame to not hear more extensively from Glenn Eichler, Anne Bernstein, Wendy Hoopes, Tracy Grandstaff, and other people who played an important role on Daria. MTV once produced a nice behind-the-scenes half-hour hosted by Janeane Garofalo. I wish they'd used that instead.

    I'll have more in the coming weeks, when I'm done with finals. But that's my initial review. Questions? Comments?

  • [update 2010-04-28]

    Early Images of the DVDs!

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, MTV has a promotional where you order through them, you get your DVDs before the official May 11th release date. If you haven't ordered yet, and really want the DVDs now, go through the MTV site! The first 5,000 people get a free promotional T-shirt (though it's probably gone now), that quotes the famous Daria line: "I don't have low self-esteem. . . I have low esteem for everyone else."

    (On the other hand, if you are patient and want a good deal, almost any retailer would be good. See the top of the page.)

    Because I helped spread the word about the DVDs, I received a set from MTV today -- with the T-shirt. Is it in my size? Anyway, I wasn't the first to break out the set: ladygalt on the Paperpusher Message Board, posted about her experience with the DVDs after she received them earlier today or yesterday. In the thread, you'll see images of a message Glenn Eichler wrote to the fans and the menu screen (not bad).

    When I got my set, I took some pictures, shown (in links) below. I haven't started watching the episodes and extras yet, but over the next several days, I will, and will post my observations (and be beaten to it by about fifty other people, I'm sure). Preliminary observations: the box is lean, which is an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. Early disc sets were always so boxy and took up so much room. When I opened it, I saw the insert on the left, and DVDs with the Daria characters on the right. There are eight discs, as expected, and the characters on them are as follows:

    • Disc 1: Daria
    • Disc 2: Jane
    • Disc 3: Quinn and Trent
    • Disc 4: Kevin and Brittany
    • Disc 5: Helen and Jake
    • Disc 6: Stacy and Upchuck (Rrrrrrr!)
    • Disc 7: Jodie and Mack
    • Disc 8: DeMartino and Li

    Meanwhile, the episode breakdown for the series is as follows:

    • Disc 1: 101-109
    • Disc 2: 110-113, 201-205
    • Disc 3: 206-213, 301
    • Disc 4: 302-310
    • Disc 5: 311-313, 401-406
    • Disc 6: 407-413, 501-502
    • Disc 7: 503-511
    • Disc 8: 512-513, movies, special features
    Anyway, so that's my early data. I will be reporting much more (and would do it faster if not for final exams, dammit!) in the coming days. Enjoy!

  • [update 2010-03-08]

    Seasons One and Two of Daria available at Amazon On Demand!

    Special thanks to sarcadam for alerting us to the fact that Daria is available on Amazon On Demand! Both Seasons One and Two are available for $1.99 per episode! I paid to view "Quinn the Brain" and it looked so bright and clean, and the audio was so crisp, compared to the deteriorating copy I have.

    Now for the bad news. I fast-forwarded to the famous "What Do You Want from Me?" sequence, where Daria transforms herself into Quinn. The music was generic, wordless, and vaguely reminiscent of something you'd hear at a New Wave club in the Eighties. I was disappointed, as I'd mentioned the Monaco song to MTV as one that Daria fans really wanted to keep. It could be that this is all just from the older releases and the new stuff has yet to be presented, but I can't think of why that would be the case. So it looks like this version of QTB is without its "Shaa-naa-naaaaaaa-naa-naa-naa-naa."

    That said, the episode as a whole was still strong. Also, I received an e-mail from the MTV Vintage Newsletter, which you get if you sign up at Daria World. The newsletter states that the pre-order with the free collectible T-shirt will be available soon, and "[p]re-order from us, and you'll get it shipped to your door before it's in stores!" I'm jiggy with it...

  • [update 2010-03-05]

    Second update...

    I realized that in my haste to update, I didn't include things like, oh, a link to a description of the DVD package. You will find it up top with the other links. I also added a direct link to the MTV Store. Now to the rest of the update...

    4. An update about the music.
    My MTV contact responded to my query about whether "Road Worrier" on Daria World was the same version that would appear on the DVD. It sounds as though it is, in fact, the version that will appear with the box set. Apparently some of the episodes will have the original VHS music, but they will be small in number. The reason is that they needed to get their hands on whatever masters and background music were available.

    I can't say I'm all that surprised, but I hope that the other episodes leave a better impression than this version of "Road Worrier." The episode is filled with a lot of disconcerting dead space, and the REM song is replaced by a very different-sounding, wordless number. What's funny is that I know that a couple of songs were kept in place and at least some covers were used, but not for which songs. It will be interesting to view the episodes and find out.

    5. S.C. involvement?
    When I sent an e-mail with fan content requests to MTV, I included fan works, including S.C.'s . The MTV staffers were blown away by dPod and set up an interview with S.C. to discuss possibly using his artwork in some capacity. There was talk of using dPod to excite the Facebook fans, or even of S.C. contributing to the DVD. I have no idea whether any of it would come to pass, but it would be great if something of his got used for the DVD push and he received the recognition he deserved. He made a 3-D roam-through of the Morgendorffer interior that would make an amazing menu screen.

  • [update 2010-03-03]

    A real-live actual date!

    Hi all. I realize it's been a long time between updates. One reason is because I wanted to keep the November scoop up as long as possible, since I knew that sites like TV Shows on DVD were linking to it. My site isn't sophisticated enough to have a unique URL for each post, so I didn't want someone to hit the TV Shows on DVD link and end up with something else.

    The second reason is that not much significant was happening for a while. There was a lot of activity, which I'll detail in my next post, but nothing concrete yet. I was actually told about the May 11th deadline about two weeks before it broke, but was told that it was not official yet, so to keep it confidential until I was given the official word. Turns out that the "official word" was a Paramount press release, which TV Shows on DVD received, and thus spread the word. I won't pretend I'm not disappointed I couldn't break it first. Lesson: If someone gives you a date, leak it.

    The final reason was because I became incredibly busy with school (my final semester) and I couldn't find the time for what I knew would be a big update. However, now that I have a little time, let's see if I can get caught up...

    1. Links on the top have been replaced.
    It makes no sense to have links to where you can purchase the Daria movies or Beavis and Butthead when the objective is complete: the full series is on its way. So I've replaced it with links to where it can be purchased, including Daria World on Facebook and MTV's Daria page (probably). However, links to the beloved music wish list page and the Glenn and Anne interviews will remain where they are. I'll also keep the petition up, as a sentimental thing. ; >

    2. After your call to everyone to join Facebook, what do you think?
    Well, I've become surprisingly attached to Facebook, as fellow "friends" have discovered. As for Daria World, my thoughts are mixed. It has some neat features, including clips of episodes and one classic episode that you can watch online. If you're eager for anything new that's official Daria, you can find some there. However, I think that it would have been more effective if it had been launched sooner, or if the release date were later. People would feel compelled to visit and keep checking up to satisfy their hunger. With two months to go, people can afford to be patient. I also think that they should have allowed people to pre-order much sooner. The staffers I've been in touch with want people to order through Facebook and get promotionals (which include a T-shirt). Yet with Amazon and other deep discount stores eager to peddle the DVDs, devoted fans are lining up to pre-order at their sites. I guess the idea is to coax the fans on Facebook, who might be less devoted, to purchase through the site, but from what I've seen, the fans there are pretty devoted -- and impatient -- too.

    3. So what do you think of the DVD package?
    I'm with other people in wishing the package art were a little more interesting, but at least people know that it's Daria. ; > Plus, Daria herself was always a minimalist, so I suspect she'd be pleased. Otherwise, the material being offered seems really wide ranging and impressive. I don't know if it would have been less impressive had MTV not solicited our input, but I'm willing to bet that our feedback helped define the scope of their project. Also, I don't know if they knew of the Mystik Spiral pilot that Glenn Eichler wrote years ago (and toyed with sending to DVDaria) until I mentioned it.

    The big question mark remaining is the music. Some fans have expressed concern about the music (or lack thereof) on the online episodes, including "Road Worrier" at Daria World. My feeling is that these are not the versions on the DVD, because why would they want to give away any DVD episodes for free? I suspect these are the versions that came with the VHS releases years ago. MTV would never be able to show the TV version of "Road Worrier," because it would need to purchase the licensing rights for digital media. However, I asked my MTV contact about whether "Road Worrier" was from the DVD just in case. I'll let you know what he says.

    More updating to come...

  • [update 2009-11-20]

    The DVDs ARE coming! Facebook call to action!

    Yesterday, MTV executives e-mailed me about the upcoming DVD release. Late this morning/early afternoon, I spoke to them.

    First, let me say that there WILL be a DVD release. It will happen. We will have our DVDs! The reality alone has, for so long, been so uncertain that it feels good just to say it.

    That said, I also had several other reasons to feel really good about our phone meeting. These MTV execs, far from the cavalier attitude we've seen too often throughout the years, seemed very intent on doing a good job with the show. They want to make sure they put out a product that we want to buy. To that effect, they seem extra-dedicated to avoiding oversights and lazy slip-ups (like putting the cut-for-television version of IICY? on DVD). And here is some of what they shared:

    1. It sounds as though, rather than put the episodes out season-by-season, they are looking to put the whole series out at once, including the movies.
    2. There will be goodies, though which ones, I am not sure. However, the Sarcastathons and the specials were mentioned, and it looks as though they are going through ANY footage to find superfluous Daria appearances (like on TV talk shows).
    3. The commercial bumpers will be preserved, and in their rightful places.
    4. The episodes will be from the original masters, so no Noggin jujitsu cuts.
    5. As expected, most of the music will be replaced. The money was not there to attain the rights for DVD. However, some of the replacement music will be covers, and the rest will be replaced by music that is substantially similar. Real music, not muzak.
    6. The DVDs could come out as early as spring 2010. I'm going to play it conservative and still claim that they won't be available until late 2010. For outside of the United States, it will be closer to 2011.
    7. The price will be very reasonable.

    Now where does Facebook come in? MTV would obviously like to sell as many box sets as possible, and the huge group of fans at Facebook is an obvious starting point. Therefore, they asked if we could make a concerted effort to build enthusiasm for the DVDs prior to release (not that it would be much work; the Facebookers seem excited enough). They mentioned that buying from an MTV link through Facebook could lead to special prizes, even some rare stuff, like animation cels.* I would be willing to help, just because I am grateful they are doing their best with the DVDs and because I want as many people to watch the show as possible. Over the weeks (months?) I will be in touch with MTV about various Facebook-related activities. In the meantime, if you want to help out, get a Facebook account as soon as possible. If you already have one, start hanging out there a lot. ; >

    Wow. I still can't believe it. After all these years, the DVDs are coming.

    * Consequently, I told them about how someone found a box full of animation cels in a warehouse and sold them on eBay, including the "Misery Chick" cel I have on my wall. They were properly horrified, especially when I said that some of the cels were chipped and faded.

  • [update 2009-9-15]

    DVDs Still on 2010 Schedule...

    So said Glenn Eichler in an e-mail to Michelle Klein-Hass, who kindly informed me. The Daria DVDs are "still set to come out next fall." Nothing much new here, but it's nice to have that reassurance. Oh, and check out Glenn's new graphic novel, STUFFED! while you're at it.

  • [update 2009-8-07]

    Article About DVDaria in French Magazine...

    This article actually appeared in mid-July in the French cultural magazine Telerama (view the website here), based in part on a written interview I conducted with the author. I took so long to post it because I kept waiting for a link, and she told me that it had been published in the hard-copy version. Click here to view the article. I've only scanned it, so I can't tell whether it contains any information about the possible 2010 release, which became news in the midst of our interview. My French is a little rusty; I would love a good translation of this into English.

    Update 8-21-09: The author sent me a link to the article, now online and updated to reflect the 30,000+ signatures.


  • [update 2009-7-02]

    Daria DVD in 2010?

    Still in school (one year to go), but you should be seeing more frequent updates on this site because for the first time in a long time, we have some really promising news on the DVD front.

    Figures that I would miss the big stuff. A few days ago, The Angst Guy of The Daria Fandom Blog II mentioned a rumor that Daria would be released on DVD. Then Don-O in the DVDaria and More... Forum mentioned that his copy of The State had an advertisement for Daria on DVD. Then Michelle Klein-Hass e-mailed Glenn Eichler, who e-mailed us both back that he had been in a meeting with MTV about putting the show out on DVD in the "3rd or 4th quarter" of 2010, but did not know if it would really go through (see this thread for more details). Now Martin Pollard reports this from TV Shows on DVD.

    Could it finally be for real this time? It feels that way... in all of the years we've tried to get Daria on DVD, developments have never reached the point where ads were being run for the show. The DVD set would lack most of the original music. Who cares? As long as there are some original songs, and the episodes are uncut and all included.

    Now that there appear to be actual developments, it no longer makes sense to keep DVDaria dormant, so I'll be doing updates as I get more news. Which will hopefully be soon.


  • [update 2008-1-08]

    Not much updating happening...

    Because I'm currently in law school, the updates here won't be very frequent. As a source of regular news, I recommend The Daria Fandom Blog II. Peace, all...


  • [update 2007-7-22]

    Looking for Daria fans in South Leicestershire, England...

    Martin Sylvester is working on an article for the Daria Fans Press Room that requires local quotes. So if there are any Daria fans lurking in that corner of the world, read more about the opportunity here.

    A petition for new episodes...

    A fan who calls himself Don Vito Corleone has just created a petition asking series creators to produce new episodes. It's a long shot, but why not? Go here to sign.

    Update on the Glenn and Anne Interviews

    I've created a new page for the interviews, and the link is at the top of the page. Let me know if you have trouble reading it on your browser. It not only contains the full English versions, but also the Russian translations. Special thanks to UU, Melor, and AHT for your work!


  • [update 2007-6-18]

    25,000 signatures!!!

    I'm jumping the gun a little -- the petition is still three short as of this update -- but whoo-hooo! Each milestone reflects the hope we keep alive in spite of the lack of news.

    Also, Daria is a solid No. 3 at TV Shows On DVD, with a little over 400 votes needed to overtake Batman for No. 2. Looks daunting, but we've erased bigger gaps. It might take a little extra effort to overtake The Wonder Years (5810 votes), though...

    Joost the facts, m'am...

    (Okay, okay, that was my last Joost pun.)

    I signed up to become a Joost beta tester and finally received my okay to download their software. Unfortunately, their software is only compatible with MacBooks, which have Intel-based software; my Mac G5 is therefore too slow. A note of caution to any other Mac user who wants to be a Joost beta tester (if it's even still in the beta testing phase).

    Fortunately, Martin Sylvester was successful in installing Joost on his PC. Martin reports that although it runs a little slow, he was able to visit the Joost community and plant ideas in their heads about getting Daria on Joost. Will it work? Time will tell...

    During my recent stay at Martin Sylvester's, we both agreed that at some point, Daria will be on DVD. It's inevitable. We didn't say this to make ourselves feel better, either. At some point, it will happen, with or without music, bells, and whistles.

    About those DVDaria interviews...

    I'm not going to recount the controversy over the interviews I did with Glenn Eichler and Anne Bernstein, but will just say: If you like the interviews, please link to them; don't copy them. Links are good for DVDaria because they take you to the site, where you can sign the petition and do any number of suggested activities. Copying the interviews in full on a different website means that this can't take place, and is also a copyright violation. DVDaria has never been in favor of using property without permission, which is why we've never endorsed bootlegs or linked directly to an episode on YouTube. Regarding YouTube, I've been frustrated by Viacom's lawsuit because it refuses to make the property available to consumers elsewhere, not because I don't think the company has a point. So anyway, please link; don't copy. Thanks.

    If one good thing came out of the controversy, it's that I realized that since I'm not likely to follow up, I can finally consolidate the various interviews into one. I'd also like to humbly ask speakers of foreign languages, such as Quiverwing, Mr Orange, or UU if they would be willing to do translations of the interviews into Spanish, French, Russian, etc. (If the three I mentioned can't do it, that's fine; I was just giving examples.)

    Also, I was asked on PPMB whether I would be able to do any more interviews. While I wish I could interview Wendy Hoopes or one of the other voice actors, that might need to be left to another fan. Getting in touch with a former voice actor might take more time than I have available. However, I might (emphasis on "might") be able to interview Peggy Nicoll. Back when I asked Glenn Eichler if I could interview the other writers, he agreed to contact Nicoll and Bernstein. Bernstein got back, but Nicoll never did. Maybe she was busy then, but isn't now. Or maybe she's just not the type to give interviews. I'm not saying I could interview her, just that she's a possibility. So don't pelt me with rotten tomatoes if I can't get her! *ducks*


  • [update 2007-3-13]

    An update of sorts...

    Not satisfied with just having YouTube remove 100,000 Viacom-owned clips, Viacom has moved to sue YouTube for $1 billion dollars in lost revenue. One popular speculation is that their boldness is fueled by their new deal with Joost.

    Meanwhile, I e-mailed Joost regarding whether television licenses could be transferred to their television-like digital platform. Their Content Strategy and Acquisition spokesperson replied that all content providers who entered into deals with them "must have music licenses fully cleared for the digital space." What this means is that, unless MTV has already cleared Daria's music rights, unbeknownst to us, it faces the same uphill battle to get onto Joost that it does to get onto iTunes or DVD. Then again, who knows: Maybe MTV sees an advantage with Joost that they don't see with these other distribution options.

    On a final note, I have a question for MTV/Viacom: You obviously do not like the thought of having no control over your content and watching others profit, which is certainly your right. However, there are several instances when you have taken control away from the creators of content on your networks, denying them their rights to profit. I'm sure Glenn Eichler would have liked to determine how the show he created and oversaw for five seasons was distributed. Mike Judge has expressed regrets that he doesn't have more control over his extremely popular brainchild. John Kricfalusi even got booted from his own series and had to watch it carry on without him. No doubt all of these creators signed agreements to let you profit in exchange for your support, but how about giving back to these creators control of their shows? Fair is fair, after all.


  • [update 2007-2-24]

    Joost a minute...

    By now, it's almost old news that Viacom has apparently decided to pass over YouTube in favor of Joost, another interactive software company for distributing media. On the surface, this has the potential to not be such a bad deal. Given that Joost founders, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, also founded Skype and Kazaa, you could conclude that they're sincerely committed to providing customers with an alternative to old corporate models of distribution. Joost aims to allow programming to stream directly onto the user's computer, as opposed to being viewed in a small, central box like on YouTube. According to this article from Wired News, "Why Joost Is Good for TV":
    The goal is to render DVD-quality pictures -- no sudden freeze-ups or obvious artifacts -- at around 400 Kbps. (On a typical 500-Kbps home connection, that leaves headroom for the vital job of uploading to other peers.) The Leiden crew also layers in metadata -- text items like alternate titles, credits, locations, foreign-language subtitles, and other search fodder.

    The article then points out some other key ways in which Joost differs from YouTube:
    Paradoxically, one thing Zennstrom and Friis don't particularly want is user-generated content. That's partly tactical, a way to differentiate their new baby from YouTube. But they've also learned -- the hard way -- about the risks of letting the audience upload protected material.... "We are going to be the single most legal platform on the Net," says David Clark, the New York-based advertising director, formerly with MTV Networks.

    The article goes on to spell out a "tasty smorgasbord of treats for content owners" in the form of industry-grade encryption, blocking other countries from using your digital rights, subscriptions, and pay-per-view. Ultimately, the overarching goal of Joost is spelled out:
    So the aim isn't to create a geek playpen, it's to migrate television's mass audience to the Web. "We want to be in the space where people are doing what they do now with TV, watching four to six hours a day," says Henrik Werdelin, 30, another MTV defector who spearheads overall product development.

    Television would be free, or nearly free, and almost entirely without commercials.

    From reading the Wired News and other articles, the conclusion I draw is that Joost is trying to make on the Internet what we (in the U.S., at least) have always wanted for our standard televisions. Cheaper, way fewer commercials, great picture clarity, and no getting locked into a channel package of which you only watch 10%. I definitely applaud those aims. There is certainly as much room for a Joost on the Internet landscape as a YouTube. That said, I would hate it if Joost were my only option for Internet viewing. Regardless of its claims of providing viewer choice, it ultimately renders the viewer passive, leaving all content distribution decisions up to the big media companies. If Viacom could be trusted to open up its entire vast library to the viewing public, this wouldn't be such a concern, but its track record doesn't allow much hope. Moreover, I'm fairly sure that the television music rights wouldn't transfer to the Internet, the same problem that has kept Daria from being offered on iTunes or any other non-television platform to this point.

    That said, I believe in staying optimistic. If Viacom has chosen Joost as its official distributor of content, we must work to convince them to provide Daria as an option. If Viacom refuses to do so, my prediction (and that's all it is) is that Daria clips will wind up back on YouTube. Because ultimately, you can't stop people from watching what they want. Let us hope that Viacom/MTV does the right thing and removes the possibility.

    In other news...

    Daria needs less than 80 votes to overtake Third Watch for No. 3 on TV Shows on DVD. Also, keep signing the petition! You might wonder what good it does, but the more people we can get on record as wanting Daria on DVD, the stronger we'll be as a whole.


  • [update 2007-2-03]

    Viacom cuts off its nose...

    ... to spite its face. Most of you are likely aware of Viacom's failure to reach a deal with YouTube to show its content, which has resulted in Viacom ordering YouTube to dump 100,000 clips of Viacom content, including Daria. Never mind that MTV has always yearned to be a part of the new frontier for the "young and hip," which includes both YouTube and MySpace. Never mind that certain MTV shows that receive no airplay were attracting new legions of fans, thus keeping the option open for future DVD sales. Never mind that all of Viacom's offerings were not only being viewed, but made over by fans in fun and original ways. Nope. Viacom didn't get enough money for its content, so it's forcibly removing itself from the reach of a new generation of fans.

    Although DVDaria has never encouraged people to go to YouTube to watch Daria, we recognize that, at present, it is the last place where Daria episodes can be accessed easily and viewed uncensored. As the fan from the previous post pointed out, Daria episodes have received two million viewings and counting. At least that's what I think he said... his plea has just been removed for copyright infringement. (Even though, as far as I know, he didn't play any copyrighted clips.)

    I'd point out that Viacom is just pushing the new fans into the arms of bootleggers, but what's the use? This corporation has done so many things that defy common sense, I don't know how to react anymore. My hope is that this is just a ploy to bring YouTube back to negotiations (as the article hints), but regardless, it really brings home the point that Viacom cares far more about its profits than its fans.

    A ray of hope...

    "No, there is another." While one road on the "new frontier" is blocked, there's small hope that another could open. D.T. Dey pointed out that iTunes has a page where you can search for the show. If you type in Daria, iTunes will claim that it can't be found, then show an option where you can request to add it to iTunes. Click on the link, fill out the form, and presto!

    Some fans have pointed out that you can't burn iTunes episodes onto DVDs or watch them anywhere but the computer or an iPod, but as far as I'm concerned, any effort to get the show to the fans is a good effort. If Daria became an unexpected hit on iTunes, since the iTunes downloads are issued by the Home Video Department, I would not be surprised if the show suddenly became a priority for DVD. Hell, it's just a little over 100 votes out of third place at TV Shows on DVD.


  • [update 2006-12-20]

    Holiday DVDaria Update...

    I've been pretty busy this fall and haven't had a whole lot to report, but some things have been going on.

    For starters, one fan decided to take his case to You Tube and appeal to MTV directly. How about it, MTV?

    Meanwhile, MTV is in the process of making some of its titles available for XBox 360 downloads. Will our show be among them?

    VideoETA is betting that Daria will be released on DVD in the near future.

    Daria continues to get cited on other programs, most recently on Air America Radio.

    I've stalled in my quest to call the people in charge of MTV On Demand because I've learned that there is no On Demand section exclusively for MTV. According to Reese Kaine, the Charter service provides a More! "hybrid" option that contains 35 percent of all of Viacom's programming. My service, Time-Warner Cable, doesn't even have Viacom programming as an On Demand option, at least for the tier I'm on. I just suspect that if I were to get through to the right person at MTV and ask for them to put Daria On Demand, I would hear what I've always heard: "We'd really like to... it's not in the plans right now... maybe in the future... costs, blah, blah, blah." I'd like to try a different approach.

    Finally, although I'm not endorsing You Tube Daria uploads, I do think that their popularity (and the fact that several recent new fans have said that they became hooked that way) speaks to the show's on-going appeal. But of course we knew that. (At least one positive: It might cut down on sales from bootleg sites.)


  • [update 2006-10-04]

    Reasons to love Daria...

    (In no particular order...)

    It's burning rubber up the charts at TV Shows on DVD, now at No. 5, soon to be in fourth place once Get Smart gets released on DVD.

    It inspires some really cool commercials.

    It provides lots of fun characters to kill.

    It's less pretentious than Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip!

    Its creator is one of many talented people behind The Colbert Report.

    It doesn't just "go there." It went there, got sunburnt, sat alone under a shady tree reading a book, and is now on an economy flight home. So take that, The-N.

    Feel free to add to the list...


  • [update 2006-7-29]

    Something to whet your appetites...

    A Daria fan who calls himself S.C. created a two-minute short based on a fanfic by Galen Hardesty. The style and movement are eerily in tune with the show. Take a look. A larger version, for those who can support it, can be found here. (Standard disclaimer for MTV: This was created for fun, not profit, by someone who has no intention of claiming the characters as his own.)

    In other news, fellow fan Douglas wrote to MTV's Los Angeles branch and received the following response:

    MTV films
    MTV:Music Television
    5555 Melrose ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90038

    July 14th 2006

    RE: Daria DVDs

    Dear Doug,

    I can only advise you that Paramount Pictures is going to release a online DVD catalogue which will be open to the public within the next few weeks. This catalogue will include every single title which has been released for DVD. All of the already released Daria DVD titles will be available on this site.

    As for when seasons 1 through 5 of Daria will be released, we here at MTV home entertainment do not know this information. We handle straight-to-DVD feature length films here and have no involvement with the releases of MTV television shows on DVD. If you would like to further inquire, the address of the MTV branch which is involved with that is MTV Networks, they can be reached at the following address;

    MTV Networks
    2600 Colorado Ave.
    4th Floor
    Santa Monica, CA

    Their phone number is 310-752-8180

    Good Luck,

    Adam Sand

    I'm a little surprised, because as far as I knew, the branch of MTV responsible for putting Daria on DVD was based in New York. Maybe these two branches work in tandem, or maybe this new location is the result of a recent shake up. In any event, Douglas feels that if we bombard them with letters and calls asking for Daria to be released on DVD, they just might oblige. I say it can't hurt, but as always, we should be polite.

    Meanwhile, I've made a couple of calls to MTV's Video On Demand department. Nothing fruitful yet. I have the correct contact info... it's just a matter of calling during the time someone is actually around. Will keep you all posted.

    Finally, Daria is slowly, but surely, making its way up the list at TV Shows on DVD. Currently it is at No. 8, but less than a dozen votes would put it at No. 7. (Note: You can see the Top Ten on the main page after logging into the site.) So those of you who haven't, please register at the website and vote!


  • [update 2006-5-29]

    Memorial Day special...

    First off, Kemical Reaxion created promotional fan art for the website, which I am long overdue in posting. It certainly captures the "spirit" of the movement. *g*

    Secondly, D.T. Dey discovered that IMDB posted a new cover for its Daria page, which fueled speculation that MTV might be on the verge of selling video/DVD sets in the United States/Canada that it has thus far only sold in Europe.

    Thirdly, I think it's safe to say that "coolio" was pulling our chains when he/she/it suggested that a new Daria scriptbook would be coming out in August. When asked to show verifiable proof, he ran off screaming into the night.

    Oh, and the great Anne D. Bernstein answered another set of our questions. Read them here or here for Explorer users.


  • [update 2006-5-03]

    20,000 names strong...

    DVDaria has finally hit a milestone, with 20,000 signatures on the petition. We hit another milestone at TV Shows on DVD, where Daria is now No. 10 on the Unreleased List and finally on the front page of the website. Let's give ourselves a pat on the back for our perseverance.

    However, the fight isn't over. We have a lot of work to do. As I've noted in earlier posts, some good projects have started and some people have really stepped up. The efforts of those who have volunteered and/or donated money are greatly appreciated. Even so, the enthusiasm displayed in mid-March seems to have cooled, to our detriment. To the people who were willing to volunteer, your help is needed more than ever. Besides the projects I listed in the last update, there are other campaigns that could be waged, such as a concerted effort to get the attention of My Space users. It's obvious that high numbers alone won't put pressure on MTV. We have to work hard and work creatively.


  • [update 2006-4-16]

    Projects happening...

    Martin Sylvester has successfully launched the Daria Fans Press Room. For more details, and if you want to participate, go here.

    flickboy has come up with a project to get the attention of the labels that control the songs on the DVDaria Music Wish List, in hopes of getting them to agree to waive the license feed. For more details, and if you want to participate, go here.

    I am thinking of getting the ball rolling with Daria On Demand by calling MTV's On Demand department. Of course, since I'm on the West Coast and would wind up having to call up at 6 am to work my way through MTV's maze of phone connections before getting ready for work, it would be much easier if someone on the East Coast of the United States (or Canada) volunteered. In the event of crickets chirping, however, I'll take the plunge.

    If you have any more project suggestions, you can state them here or go to the DVDaria and More... forum at the PPMB.

    Oh... and I will be sending more questions to Anne D. Bernstein soon.


  • [update 2006-3-24]

    Just to follow up...

    The beginnings of a good discussion is taking place in the comments section of the last blog entry and here. However, I felt that in order to organize most effectively, we needed to have a forum. I therefore made a DVDaria and More... forum at the PPMB. I don't expect it to have the activity of, say, Creative Writing, but I hope that in time, it will get a lot of use.


  • [update 2006-3-19]

    Drifting around...

    I've meant to update for the past couple of weeks, but some yucky personal troubles (of the sewage kind) took up my time until now.

    When I posted the last entry, I was hoping that it would inspire one or more people to say, "Thanks for the MTV info. I'll get on that right away." Or at least an "I get what you're saying, and I want to volunteer in some way." Instead, I got nothing. Very few responses, and the responses I did receive fell along the lines of "We can't do anything."

    Let me tell you right now: While I like running this site, I will not be able to run it forever. After Alan Benard left, DVDaria languished for a year before I started updating it again. Do you want that to happen when I give it up?

    Before you say "Who cares?", let me ask if you think that MTV would be communicating with any of us if the site hadn't been updated since August 27, 2002? Would any company have bothered to negotiate with MTV to license the show for DVD? Or would they conclude that the fans don't care, so why should they? We may be frustrated that things haven't been moving forward as quickly as we would like, but at least there has been activity.

    However, as I noted in my last post, it looks as though there is still a long way to go and I'm concerned about the health of the long-term DVD effort. With the exception of two or three other people, the general attitude toward getting Daria on DVD has been apathy.

    "MTV's corrupt and they won't listen to us anyway."

    "If they don't give me what I want, when I want it, screw them -- I'll buy bootlegs."

    "I'd rather read or write fanfic anyway."

    I understand all of these sentiments, but I can't tolerate them, especially the third one. Fanfiction can be enjoyable, but its role has been to fill in the gaps left by the show, not act as a substitute for the show. Viewed alongside the actual series, fanfiction can be fascinating in its character studies and multiple "what ifs?", but without the availability of the series, a lot of fanfiction just doesn't hold up. To act as though fanfiction is a perfectly adequate substitute for the real show strikes me as irresponsible. Fanfiction should be tiding us over until we get the real series on DVD, not making us blase about whether or not the real series ever comes out.

    Same goes for bootlegs. I understand the desire for bootlegs, and that many people have them, and I'm not going to act like the Internet police by rushing to shut down every site that advertises downloads. That said, there will be no endorsement of bootlegs here, or on the Paperpusher Board (including direct links to bootlegs or Daria downloads), but what other site owners do is their business.

    Even so, bootlegs should not represent a substitute for getting the actual series on DVD. You might have all of the music, but you would have none of the visual or sound quality, not to mention no new material (my source at MTV said that each new DVD release comes with some new material). Moreover, you would not have the widespread publicity -- even if it is small compared to that of South Park or The Simpsons -- that would come from an official DVD release. Bootleg word-of-mouth just wouldn't have the same reach, or generate the sort of excitement that would get fans of Daria on the margins rushing to the message boards, talking about the show as if it were new. Unexpected fan devotion produced new episodes of Family Guy and, soon, Futurama. It might not produce any new episodes of Daria, but it could still have some unexpected benefits.

    But for that to happen, we need to have a more robust movement. It can't be just me, Martin Sylvester, and some well-meaning contributors here and there. While it is encouraging to see Daria creep up to No. 16 at TV Shows on DVD, that doesn't take the place of a good plan of attack. Back when DVDaria was getting started, there were people to write the petition, come up with the famous logo, create the website, and urge other fans to write to MTV. I want that enthusiasm back again. I've tried to keep up people's interest with contests and new content like interviews with the creators, but sometimes I wonder what's the point if it doesn't lead more people to contribute? You could argue that if nothing else, I would have a ready audience for when the DVDs finally did come out, but frankly, all I would need to do for that is post one item and maybe some alerts on the message boards and alt.tv.daria.

    Someone else stated that DVDaria is a news site. In fact, it has always been a news and action site. Why broadcast the latest news if it inspires no one to act? Where would the news come from if no one went out and either found it or made it?

    Here is what I would like to see: at least two or three more "regular" contributors to the DVD effort and a widening group of "sometimes" contributors. I would like to eventually move DVDaria to the sort of group blog website (like My Due Dilligence) that would allow mutliple bloggers and diaries. If that is financially beyond our reach, maybe a simpler base could be found.

    Someone asked if financial contributions would be acceptable. Sure, definitely. I would estimate, between the payment for webspace and the yearly domain name renewal, that DVDaria costs roughly $50 a year to run. That's not a lot of money spread out over 12 months, but it is money that could be spent on bills and other essentials, so any financial support would be appreciated. Plus, if DVDaria moved to a true blog site not hosted by a free provider like Blogspot, financial contributions would be essential to keep it afloat. If you chose to go that route, though, I would prefer you e-mail me at my dslextreme.com address and tell me how much you'd like to give before doing so I can figure out whether the $50 amount has already been exceeded.

    In any event, I think we need to do more on all fronts. Just because things are stalling on the DVD front doesn't mean we couldn't be pursuing other avenues for getting the series broadcast or otherwise making our voices heard. We've done great things in the past and we need to get momentum going for the future. Daria isn't a large enough fandom that we can afford to have a "fanfic wing" and an "activist wing"; people need to be willing to wear more than one hat. We can do better. We must do better.


  • [update 2006-2-15]

    Where do we go from here?

    You've just read in the last post that MTV is in the same holding pattern it has been in for the past several months. Daria might, and likely will, be on their DVD production schedule in the future... they're just not sure when. Since the Home Video Department also determines what goes to the MTV store at iTunes, it is safe to say that Daria downloads are a big question mark as well.

    So where do we go from here? I look at the number of signatures on the petition and while it cheers me to note that there are over 19,000, it also seems to me that the names are coming slower than they did before. Meanwhile, Daria at TV Shows on DVD hovers consistently around No. 18 or 19. Aside from Martin Sylvester's campaigns to get the attention of the Powers That Be, there have not been any recent campaigns launched to get the show on DVD.

    I think the main reason has been because MTV has the show, isn't treating it with scorn, yet has no plans to sell the license to a third party and, so far, none to put Daria on DVD. Campaigns fueled by outrage over MTV's "contempt" for its product would therefore be futile; from what I've gathered, it isn't that MTV is against Daria, but rather that it is not sure if it would be profitable enough and is trying to find the method that would minimize costs while maximizing profits. However, they can't make much headway as long as shake ups at MTV and Viacom keep occurring (though most signs suggest that these shake ups will be positive for us).

    At the same time, we have one area in which we could make a difference: MTV On Demand. It is a separate department from Home Video and and therefore makes its own decisions. My source told me that he would contact the head of On Demand, but why wait? We could contact the On Demand Department ourselves. Here is MTV's contact info again:

    MTV Networks
    1515 Broadway
    New York, New York 10036-5797
    (212) 846-6000

    This is just the general contact info, but it's a start. Once you call, you can ask to be directed to the On Demand Department, and after a little patience, state your request that Daria to be added to the list in as polite a manner as possible. And get the direct number/address if you can so others can follow suit.

    I think that a lot of people think that all action needs to start with me because I run the DVDaria site and am in touch with someone from MTV. That's not true. You can organize a separate On Demand campaign if you wish, and I would be happy to be involved. However, my life is pretty busy and it would be too difficult for me to the leader of another campaign. I've seen a lot of energy and some terrific suggestions from many people, and I'm sure a great campaign could be launched. The combined energy and ingenuity of many different Daria fans is what created this site in the first place.

    I post interviews with Daria writers to keep people interested and morale high, but this is primarily a news and action site. It works best when motivated people are involved. I'm actually contemplating over whether to someday move DVDaria to a real blog location (not Blogspot, which seems kind of fluttery), one that allows diaries and multiple contributors. I like having DVDaria on my site for the convenience, but its set up is unwieldy, making multiple contributors next to impossible. My biggest concern about moving it would be the cost.

    In any event, I hope this has given everyone something to think about. After we've come so far, I would hate to see this movement stagnate.


  • [update 2006-2-04]

    Update on MTV...

    There's been a little confusion the past couple of days. A company that has previously put out MTV products on DVD contacted me to say that negotiations with third party distributors were resuming, now that Paramount had passed on putting the series out on DVD. That sent off alarm bells in my mind, because I took it to mean that MTV Home Video had decided to pass on the series. I should have put two and two together and realized that they weren't the same thing, but I thought that maybe this third-party company was just referring to the MTV division incorrectly. I e-mailed my MTV source and asked what was happening, and he wrote back assuring me that NO decision had been made to pass on Daria on DVD. MTV still owns the show, and no decision could be made without their input.

    This led to a more general conversation about Daria on DVD and alternate platforms like iTunes and On Demand. Right now, things at Viacom are still so up in the air, they have not made any arrangements to put Daria on DVD. However, my MTV source does see the possibility of the show emerging on iTunes or On Demand. Regarding iTunes: MTV Home Video is in charge of delivering content to the iTunes store, so until they make a decision to send Daria over, it looks like we'll have to be patient. On Demand, by contrast, is not associated with Home Video, so it's possible that we might see the series there sooner. My source is going to check with the person in charge of that division.

    I would suggest that those who want to take action 1) call up MTV and ask for the On Demand department, then keep trying until you get through to the right people, and 2) ask politely if they would put uncut Daria episodes on their On Demand list. You could say that you're affiliated with DVDaria, which has spoken to MTV before, but if you do, I would prefer that you organize yourselves around one or two representatives who could push our concerns to the On Demand representative, rather than have a dozen or more people call in at once.

    Regarding Beavis and Butt-head...

    I'm planning to make some fan reviews of the new DVDs available on the site in the near future; a few people have already kindly offered to write them. The reviews would look at the DVD package as a whole and give a preview of what a Daria DVD package might look like.

    However, I wanted to first address some concerns about the Beavis and Butt-head DVD package. According to my MTV source, it was Mike Judge, not the network, who made the decision to cut certain lines from specific episodes and to leave a third of the episodes out entirely (the third that "sucked" because Judge didn't like the direction or the story). MTV has apparently made efforts to get access to the music videos, but found that in some cases, the bands featured flat out denied them because they were offended by B&B's comments. They have succeeded in getting some music rights, but have run into trouble with bands wanting huge chunks of money for 15 seconds of music.

    My source strikes me as sincere, so I'd be willing to believe that his department really has made every effort to make the B&B set as good as possible. Unfortunately, given MTV's historically cynical treatment of... everything, reflexive blame of the network is natural and often justified. I don't know what that says about the possibility of getting music rights for Daria, but I'm hoping that our wish list presents a manageable target for them. It's a good thing we're hungry and desperate...


  • [update 2006-1-20]

    Anne is fast. Really fast...

    Anne D. Bernstein has already answered our first batch of questions, and they can be found here, or here for Explorer browsers.

    Daria on iTunes?

    Miguel Bejarano thought it would be a good idea if MTV released Daria episodes on iTunes, which now has its own video store. That way, the network could get a better sense of who would spend money to buy the series than they would from a petition. As with Daria being on MTV On Demand, I think it's a great idea. I know that iTunes has a contract with ABC to showcase some of its series, but is one in the works for Viacom as well? I think that these all-encompassing contracts are what determine which is or isn't in the iTunes catalogue. Does anyone else have any knowledge of the subject?


  • [update 2006-1-07]

    Anne D. Bernstein open to questions...

    Just a brief update to say that Anne D. Bernstein, writer of famed episodes like "Road Worrier" and "The Invitation," has agreed to a Q&A with the fans. She'll be taking them ten at a time, and I assume that as long as we don't put too much pressure on her, she'll answer as many questions as there are to ask.

    I asked Glenn about Peggy Nicoll answering questions as well, and he was less sure about whether she would be available, but "probably." Also, Glenn himself said that he would be available for future questions, so it's good to know that we haven't worn him out after all. While I tend to think that this fandom has more glowing embers than he does, it is good that he wants to help us keep them lit.


  • [update 2006-1-02]

    More Glenn goodness...

    Happy New Year, everyone! To start off, I have the fourth Q&A with Glenn Eichler, which can be found here, or here for Explorer browsers. Before you dive in, let me say that I think this will be the last interview I'll be doing for a while. I don't want to wear Glenn out with our increasingly esoteric questions (as we scrape to find ones that haven't been answered), and I think that he's done a lot to enlighten us already. That's not to say that we'll never ask him questions again; just, for now, we should give him a chance to rest.

    Regarding the DVDaria e-mail...

    If you have any inquiries, I'd appreciate it if you stated them in the comments section of the blog. I still check the DVDaria e-mail, but not very often, and it's easier and faster to respond if I see people's questions on the site. You can pose a question in any thread, but I'll try to create more open threads that cater strictly to that purpose.

    Daria on MTV On Demand?

    Finally, Reese Kaine suggested that I ask my MTV source about putting Daria on MTV On Demand, which has shows that aren't currently on the network. I e-mailed my source, but have yet to get a response. I suspect I'm asking someone in the wrong division. Maybe I need to ask someone who works with day-to-day network operations?


  • [update 2005-11-28]

    Post Thanksgiving Update...

    ...that was actually supposed to be a pre-Thanksgiving update, but ah well. Anyway, I spoke to my source at MTV, and it sounds as though the new boss, who is in charge of direct response, is still settling in; thus, no major decisions have been made regarding Daria on DVD as of yet. The good news? The new boss comes from Rhino, which knows a thing or two about cult/nitche programming.

    In other news, there will be more Glenn goodness, as the honorable Mr. Eichler has agreed to another round of questioning. (What was he thinking??) I'll be gathering questions over the upcoming week and will submit them to him either at the end of this week or the beginning of the next. Glenn cautions that his answers might not come right away. No problem -- we'll wait!

    Finally, Christ Olivier found a site that sells Daria DVD bootlegs. That's not news. What is news is that, according to Kemical Reaxion, the bootlegs are being advertised via a "sponsored" link on MTV's own website! Hello, MTV? *pats them on the face* Time to wake up. Hello?? Anyone home??


  • [update 2005-11-06]

    Newest Beavis and Butt-head DVD collection ready to launch...

    The Beavis and Butt-head "Mike Judge Collection" will be available come November 8th, but you can pre-order now (link courtesy of Michelle Klein-Haas). My MTV source has said that he hopes it will sell well, as it could pave the way for future releases of MTV programs on DVD. My thoughts are that if B&B soars, it might not guarantee a Daria release, but if it sinks, there definitely wouldn't be one.

    I must say that while I don't love B&B nearly as much as Daria, it is nice to see the little weinerheads on basic cable again during their promotional run. Could it be establishing a precedent?

    In other news, Mike Nassour has learned from a Star Trek site that Paramount is planning to launch a direct-to-DVD division for franchises that the studios think are underperforming in the box office, but have devoted fan bases. The article he cited appeared to be referring exclusively to feature films, such as original films produced by Paramount, rather than to television series, but it could be another potential avenue for Daria DVDs.

    Meanwhile, Greybird notes that the recently released Drawn Together DVD set had most of the original music replaced, and considers this a sign that Viacom will eventually release Daria on DVD, cutting out significant chunks of the original music. I'm not so sure, since Viacom animation has been released before (such as the first set of B&B DVDs), with original music and video footage cut, and Daria still hasn't been released. If it is the case that MTV has decided to release the series with significant amounts of original music cut or replaced, I wouldn't be unhappy, just as long as key songs were retained (all of which are detailed in the music wish list) and the music that was removed wasn't replaced with dead air.

    I plan to contact my MTV source for an update in a week or so, since he said that they planned to discuss future DVD releases in November.

    On a final note, Daria is back to No. 18 Unreleased Rank at TV Shows on DVD. Go, team, go! (What??)


  • [update 2005-9-06]

    Latest from MTV...

    I spoke to my MTV source, who told me that the department has no plans to put out Daria yet. However, he said that the new direct response rep has settled in and the new MTV label for DVDs is doing really well. They have high hopes that the upcoming Beavis and Butt-head release will keep up the momentum. My personal feeling is that if it does do well, it could pave the way for Daria's release, whereas if it doesn't, Daria could be shelved. As it so happens, how Daria came into being will be mentioned in a featurette on the B&B DVD set.

    My source said that MTV Home Video is currently trying to figure out its 2006 schedule and that I should contact him again in November. So until November, we'll just have to hope.


  • [update 2005-8-28]

    Just a brief update...

    First, to update the petition, which has added hundreds of signatures since my last update. Second, to let you know that soon I'll be following up with my MTV source to see if any significant decisions have been made regarding direct response.

    I feel bad having gone so long without an update. I would love to have guest bloggers who could add any tidbits they have, but what stops me is that DVDaria is basically one long text document with a lot of yucky code, which isn't very receptive to multiple users/updaters. The best sort of format would be one where the page design stayed the same while the text could be changed easily, but I know of no cheap, private blog that could do that (as opposed to a public blogging format like Blogger). If anyone could think of a way it could be done, I'd like to hear it.

    And consequently, what is up with HaloScan? Several responses in to the last update and it still says zero?


  • [update 2005-7-06]

    MTV Home Video update...

    Finally I had the chance to do an update. As I stated in the comments section, I spoke to my source at MTV last Monday, and while his news wasn't earth-shattering, it was possibly encouraging.

    Basically, the Home Video Department has just brought in someone who specializes in direct response, which involves ordering products over the phone. Think TIME-Life, which advertises its products in commercials with a number at the bottom of the screen for you to call. In the past, MTV went through a third party like TIME-Life to sell DVDs for its animation (such as Beavis and Butthead and Ren and Stimpy); now it can do it in house, and Daria could possibly be sold through that route.

    That may sound disappointing, but my source assured me that if Daria sold well through direct response, it could branch out into retail stores. The reason MTV might first do it through direct response is because the retail market has gotten so flooded, DVDs are not selling as well as they used to, unless they follow a big movie release or are for a popular current show. Direct response doesn't require as many units to be sold as retail in order to be considered a "success." My source told me that if it happened, MTV would advertise on various channels, including The-N, where Daria plays at 12 pm PST/3 am EST. I asked what role non-American fans might play in making direct response work, reminding my source that Daria videos were more numerous and popular outside of the United States. He wasn't quite sure, though he thought foreign fans could possibly buy DVDs through direct response if the DVDs were multi-regional.

    Lastly, my MTV source stressed that the staff at MTV Home Video really does want a DVD release to happen, but they have to work within the parameters they are given. "Reminders" like lasagna boxes or glasses don't make them remember the show, because they haven't forgotten. He told me to call back in a couple of months to get an update on the situation.

    So that's it... I'll have more for you in a couple of months.

    Ain't It Cool?

    On the Paperpusher Board John Takis directed fans to a link on the Ain't It Cool News website for the 10 shows most craved on DVD. Surprise, surprise -- it has Daria in the No. 4 spot.

    Herc (the webmaster) writes: "MTV cranked out 65 episodes over five seasons between 1997 and 2001. How many are on DVD? None! Daria, Jane and Trent all watched a show called "Sick Sad World" and mocked everything in their orbits. I miss Morgendorfer."

    I'd written Ain't It Cool some time back to tell them about the DVDaria website, but didn't get a response and figured that Daria was too low-key for a site that was heavy on sci-fi/fantasy. It's great to see that the popular website has taken notice of the show, and John Takis helpfully left a link to direct visitors to the DVDaria site. The more exposure, the better.

  • [update 2005-6-26]

    Brief update...

    Just to answer the inevitable questions, no I have not spoken to my MTV source yet. Part of the reason is because he's been busy, and part of it is because I've been dealing with a bullshit fender-bender accusation. I intend to call him this week, hopefully early in the week. I'll keep you posted.

    Also, Martin Sylvester reports that he got a response from ShoutFactory, which told him that because they had no connection to MTV's library, they had no plans for putting out Daria on DVD. Oh well, at least he got a response. I'm sure I'm not the first to say that his efforts are well appreciated.

    In other news, Daria has climbed back up to No. 20 at TV Shows on DVD, where it has remained for the past week.


  • [update 2005-6-11]

    Hold the glasses!

    Remember how, during the last update, we discussed sending items to MTV to get their attention, like pizza boxes or glasses? Scratch that. According to my source at MTV, that kind of stuff just annoys them. He did, however, tell me to call him late this coming week and he will fill me in on the latest news. I'm thinking he must have something noteworthy to share, or he would have just said he'd keep me posted if something came up. Hopefully the news is good.


    Daria at TV Shows on DVD

    Martin Sylvester of The Irony Maiden has been ever-watchful of Daria's position at TV Shows on DVD, and he was the first to note its progress from the high 20's all the way to No. 18 on the list of Unreleased DVDs. Unfortunately, it's slid down to No. 21, but hopefully with a strong effort, we can bring it back to the Top Twenty, or even the Top Ten.

    Martin also wishes to draw people's attention to another independent company that could potentially put Daria on DVD, Shout Factory. He writes "As with my earlier approach to KultTV, even if they aren't in the end able to help with a release, I hope that at least an enquiry from them to Viacom's licensing department might help to wake up Viacom to the market there is for Daria DVDs, and accelerate any putative MTV release." I was already aware of ShoutFactory's existence when they put out the Freaks and Greeks DVD collection. One mark in their favor is that they bought ALL of the original music that came with Freaks and Geeks, so they might not shy away from purchasing large quantities of music for Daria. Unfortunately, when I e-mailed them a while back, they never responded. Hopefully Martin's e-mail will get a response, and they might be more likely to take notice if several people were to e-mail about Daria.


    DVDaria mailing list...

    Just wanted to let those who have sent e-mail to dvdaria@yahoo.com that the mailing list, for now, is inactive. Its main purpose is to share news that is too private to be announced on the main site (such as news pertaining to specific companies interested in putting Daria on DVD), but that hasn't been an issue lately, and most likely won't be for the foreseeable future. Until this changes, you are likely to get everything you need from my updates on this site.

    Third set of Glenn Eichler follow ups...

    And now, the icing on the cake! Here is the regular link to the Q&A and here is the link for those with Explorer browsers. Enjoy!

    To the transcript volunteers...

    For those of you translating our Q&A's into French and Spanish, if you haven't finished, I would say that's a good thing. I may toss Glenn a few more questions, but otherwise, I think we're reaching the end (aside from questions about very specific moments on the show that I'm not sure he'd have the answer to). Eventually, I plan to consolidate everything into one massive Q&A, while keeping the individual parts for archival purposes. It would probably be best to wait until then to finish the translation.


  • [update 2005-5-1]

    A much-needed update...

    Here is that "bigger update" I promised you. It took a little longer than expected due to the Paperpusher board's unexpected crash last weekend. (To make a long story short, Netrillium, its server, suffered "unexpected hard drive failure" for nearly five days, the board was moved to a new server, and I now own and run the PPMB.) It's times like this I really do see the value of having a "posse" to update when I'm not around.

    To start, Corwin Haught suggests we garner attention for Daria on DVD by staging a public rally in front of MTV New York or Los Angeles, or mailing frozen lasagna or pizza to MTV execs. Definitely the type of creative thinking I was hoping for. A rally might be possible, but the problem would be 1) gathering enough people, flying them in, 2) actually figuring out how to make ourselves heard by the executives who matter. As for sending food... I'm not a big fan of that idea, mainly because I don't eat frozen lasagna and hate to see any food go to waste. Who is to say we would even know whom to send it to?

    A few weeks ago, Greybird posted a thread at the PPMB about the efforts of MacGyver fans to get their show on DVD. The article included mentions of dvdtalk.com and dvdfile.com, websites that executives that matter visit. Kemical Reaxion suggested that Daria fans flood the website with requests for our show to come out on DVD. I agree.

    And finally, I don't know how much impact this will have on our efforts, but the Viacom megabeast has been officially split in two: One half, the cable/film division, will be run by Tom Freston, whom I mentioned in a previous update. The broadcast television division will be run by Les Moonves. What it might mean is that the half led by Tom Freston is now more vibrant and flexible, both because of its smaller size and because of Freston's dynamic approach. If that is the case, that could be good for us.


  • [update 2005-4-20]

    Second set of Glenn Eichler follow ups...

    I promise to have a bigger update in a few days, as I have several things to add. However, here is the link for those of you with current browsers, and here is the link for those with older browsers. Enjoy!


  • [update 2005-4-04]

    DVDaria passes 15,000 signatures...

    Another milestone! Thanks, everyone, for making it possible.


  • [update 2005-3-30]

    First set of follow ups with Glenn Eichler...

    As I mentioned in the Twenty Questions post, Glenn has been open to taking follow-up questions. He asked that they be in sets of five rather than a whole 20 like last time, so hopefully there should be 3-4 more to come. The following is a mixture of follow-up questions, one new question, and my comments/his response to some of what he wrote in the first Q&A. The follow ups to come will incorporate more new questions, though as you may find, several of Glenn's answers (or lack thereof) may indirectly address questions that haven't yet been asked.

    One thing Glenn confirmed from the previous interview, which I didn't include on the follow-up transcript, was that when he talked about the Morgendorffers living near Baltimore or in Pennsylvania, he was talking about Daria's family, not Jake's parents.

    Before too long, I plan to put all of the transcripts in a special section for original material not solely related to the DVD effort.

    Click here for the follow-up questions. Or here if you have an Explorer browser that doesn't read the first link.

    En Francais? Espagnol?

    Would anyone who speaks French, Spanish, Russian, etc. like to translate the interview transcripts into your native language? If so, I would be happy to post them along with the English versions.

    DVDaria Posse?

    I've been thinking about asking for volunteers to help me gather leads and implement ideas. Things like keeping track of Viacom's goings-on in the news, or organizing events like Call a Celebrity Day!. Right now it's just me updating the site, getting help from people like Aapo or Alan Benard, accepting leads from various people and making note of other developments (like Martin Sylvester's Three Minutes for Daria). What exists now is good, but I keep feeling as though with more energy, we could really make something happen.


  • [update 2005-3-27]

    Outside the box open thread...

    What bold (legal) maneuvers do you think we could take to keep the show on people's radar? They could be simple, yet effective, campaigns like Martin Sylvester's Three Minutes for Daria. Or something like looking up every celebrity who professed a liking for Daria and every journalist who has ever written about it, and asking them to promote the series.


  • [update 2005-3-16]

    Twenty Questions with Glenn Eichler...

    Er... nineteen, rather. The last one is kind of a two-parter. Michelle Klein- Haas was kind enough to pass my e-mail along to the Mighty Glenn, and he contacted me, agreeing to answer whatever questions I had. Little did he know that years of speculation had stored up about 100 questions in my noggin. Still, I decided to go easy on him and just give him nineteen of what I thought were some of the most commonly asked questions in fandom. (Note: None of them is "Where is Lawndale?", but Glenn answered anyway.)

    He has offered to answer some follow-up questions, so if anyone has one, list them here or on the message boards. I can't guarantee that they will all be answered - five follow-ups per question could be overwhelming - and there shouldn't be any questions that aren't related to the topics already covered in this Q&A (those can be answered in time), but still, ask away!

    While you read, keep in mind that Glenn wrote: "it's been a while since we worked on the show and I don't know if some of these questions EVER had answers." You may therefore find his answers illuminating and earth shattering... or not very likely to change the opinions you had already.


    [Update: For those who have trouble viewing the above link (mainly Explorer users) try this one.]


  • [update 2005-3-11]

    Martin Sylvester has a new DVD campaign...

    Three minutes for Daria - take part in the 
latest phase of the campaign to get Daria on DVD

    Special thanks, Martin!

    More thoughts on MTV...

    The collective reaction to my suggestion that we actually try to find something on MTV that we might enjoy was "Huh? WTF?" It doesn't surprise me, since aside from airing Daria, MTV hasn't done much to impress me since 1995. Let me give you my logic behind the request.

    First, no one at MTV has told me that they have dropped their plans to put Daria on DVD, so no need to be alarmed. However, it occurred to me that this could happen, because MTV doesn't consider us part of its core demographic, and the core demographic gets served first and foremost. Even Beavis and Butt-head suits the target demographic better than Daria, given that MTV2 will be catering to teenage boys.

    "MTV doesn't value us!" we used to complain when the show was in its first run, when we used to actually tune in to the channel. What makes us think that they'll value us more now that the majority has stopped watching completely? They have no major incentive to give us what we want. Yes, we have buying power, but we've always had buying power. We have numbers, but so do fans of The Ashley Simpson Show. Of course our numbers are more loyal and our show infinitely better, but the main importance to MTV is that The Ashley Simpson Show is in the here and now, not stored away in some attic, and is a lucrative cash cow.

    I believe that while the possibility of profit making will compel MTV to release Daria eventually, the deciding factor will be executives who think that the show is good and deserves to be seen. But what happens if these executives, for some untold reason, are dismissed or jump ship to another network, to be replaced by executives who would happily allow Daria to rot?

    That's why I think it might be worth it to try watching MTV on at least a semi- regular basis. One, it keeps us in touch with the channel's ever-changing mindset. Two, in some ways it could be considered an act of good faith, a way of saying "Thanks for everything, MTV... don't forget us!" Three, if we find a show that we like and would be willing to shell out money for its products, we might be able to exercise a bit of leverage should times get tough. "If you don't release Daria, I and my 15,000 friends will boycott The Ashley Simpson Show and create a coordinated campaign to urge millions of teens across the country to boycott the show and the singer and her singer-related products!"

    Of course I'm not saying anyone should watch that show, or any such odious programming, unless he/she really liked it or found it to be a guilty pleasure. That would be too much; I wouldn't want any fan of Daria to be in seriously physical pain. Plus there's the fact that most of us aren't in MTV's teen demographic, so even if we were devotees, they might not take our loyalty seriously. However, some of us are teens, or on the verge of being teens, or have sons and daughters or nieces and nephews or neighbors who are teenagers. If we were able to convince MTV that we have control over many, many members of their core viewing audience, they might be more swayed than if we just clamored that we wanted Daria on DVD and would pay a lot of money.

    It's just an idea. Maybe a bit crazy and unworkable, but sometimes those lead to the ideas that are great and workable.


  • [update 2005-3-06]

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it...

    Watch MTV and find a show that you think Daria fans would enjoy. I mean really enjoy, not enjoy mocking. The reason is because when MTV does get around to advertising Daria DVDs, the way things are currently, it have to advertise on different channels (the ones where it thinks we fans could be lurking), which can get expensive. However, if the folks at MTV know that we are watching, it could save them $$$ and make them that much more willing to run advertisements and run them often. It's worth a shot.


  • [update 2005-2-23]

    Wall Street Journal article on Paramount Home Video

    Click here to read. (If you get a 404, keep hitting refresh until you get it.) It picks up where the TIME article left off by detailing Paramount's plans to expand its DVD sales.

    The money quote:

    "The biggest boost ahead is expected to come from TV DVDs. Viacom already has a thriving kids DVD business, thanks to Nickelodeon. While Paramount released 35 TV DVDs in 2002, that will jump to 220 this year. As a general rule, TV DVDs are more profitable to a studio. However, the expense of renegotiating the actors and producers, and clearing the music rights, can sometimes cut into profits."


  • [update 2005-2-20]

    Second "Nay" on MTV2

    I haven't had the chance to ask anyone at MTV2 directly whether they will be taking on Daria, but Michelle Klein-Hass asked the almighty Glenn himself, and he knew absolutely nothing about it. While Glenn may not be in control of his show, one would think he would be the first to know if it were moving to a new network.

    DVDaria's policy on bootlegs

    The subject came up not long ago, and I thought I would address it directly. DVDaria does not support the purchase of bootleg episodes. However, bootlegging is going to happen whether it has this website's support or not, and remains a sign of the show's enduring popularity amongst fans who want to see it easily and uncut. My greatest concern is that people will spend hundreds of dollars for a full DVD set without any idea what they're getting - whether the picture/sound quality is good or whether they are uncut. Caveat emptor.

    TIME article on the new head of Paramount

    The feature story on Tom Freston (link good for a week) is worth noting mainly because of what my source at MTV said about the latest Viacom shake-ups. If Paramount Home Video winds up being the go-to outlet for Daria DVDs, what this guy says and does could be important. This article discusses the role he could play in shaking up Paramount's sluggish film division.


  • [update 2005-2-05]

    Ladies and germs, we have banners!

    Yeah! The banners are back, thanks to Alan Benard! Turns out the reason they never showed up was because the directory was missing, and it is now back online.


  • [update 2005-2-05]

    Update on MTV...

    Some news, but nothing dramatic. I got through to an executive at MTV, who said that they are still working on getting Daria released on DVD, but it will not happen in 2005, even if they started right now. Recent corporate restructuring at Viacom and Paramount are partially responsible for the delay. MTV is relaunching its brand at retail, and Daria is among the catalogue releases being considered for the future. So as I said, nothing new - more delays for us. However, the fact that this executive took the time to talk to me and was interested in our pursuit, as opposed to the brush off I got when I inquired about the DVDs back in June 2003, left me encouraged.

    What was less encouraging was hearing that it is unlikely that Daria will air on MTV2 because its programming is going to be skewed toward teen males. What, SpikeTV isn't enough for them? Where's the channel skewed to teen girls, huh, huh? The executive I spoke to was not directly involved with any of the spinoff channels, so it could be that Daria is headed for MTV2, or VH1, or even Comedy Central for all we know. Maybe Noggin renewed it, though I bloody hope not. It feels more and more like I will need to get up extra-early again to make another phone call, this time to the Noggin scheduling department.


  • [update 2005-1-25]

    Open thread...

    Because every good blog should have one. A place to ask questions and discuss things that haven't been mentioned in detail for a while (or at all).


  • [update 2005-1-22]

    Plans to contact MTV, The-N soon...

    I hope to do so within the next week, though given how long it's taken them in the past to connect me to the right person, it may take a week or two longer. It's a challenge to get up extra early with the three-hour time difference.

    My goal is to find out MTV's current status with DVD negotiations. It has been a couple of months since I spoke to one of the companies that was trying to license the show for distribution, and six months since Glenn made his famous announcement that MTV was formally going ahead with talks. My hope is that MTV can give me an answer as to when they expect to complete negotiations or, if things have stalled, the sticking point that prevents them from going ahead.

    As for The-N, as far as I am aware, this is the final year of their license of the Daria episodes from MTV. Already you can feel the show's marginalization, as it has been booted to late-night viewing hours in all time zones but the West Coast (where I can still catch it at 10 pm). I would like to know if The-N executives know where it will go next... is the next step DVDs, or will it join its parent show Beavis and Butt- head on MTV2? If the latter, I would seriously consider dropping my cable service and getting Direct TV, as stupid Adelphia cable only offers MTVH (music videos) and MTVS (Spanish MTV).


    Banner troubles...

    Several people have complained that the links on the banners page are dead (for example, click on the top one offered by Aapo Laitinen, and you see a list of dead icons). I am not sure why they died, since I have never moved nor deleted the banners links, but I contacted Aapo, our resident DVDaria web guru, for his opinion. He hasn't gotten back to me yet, but hopefully will soon. Meanwhile, if anyone slightly more web-savvy than I am knows how I can restore the links, I am all ears.


    Update on the DVDaria contest...

    Okay, so the last contest was a little too challenging. It's a new year -- time to have a new contest. I solicited opinions from people on the mailing list about types of contests they think would work. In the lead is a raffle of names of people who voted on TV Shows on DVD, as offered by Martin Sylvester during the first contest. At the time, I was not sure it would accomplish what I wanted, which was to get as many people to vote as possible, but it certainly would be the easiest to implement.

    Some have suggested an essay contest, but my only problems with that are that the judging could be too subjective, and I'm not exactly sure how that would convince Viacom that the DVDs were in high demand (the way, say, a high ranking of Daria on TV Shows on DVD would; currently it is at No. 29). To me, that is the most important thing a contest could establish.

    Meanwhile, the Daria cel and Glenn's signature remain in DVDaria's possession, waiting for a new home. So if you have any ideas for how a contest that meets the above objective can be easily implemented, let me know. And sorry if I've left out any ideas that have already been mentioned over e-mail.


  • [update 2005-1-20]

    DVDaria is now a blog!

    Sort of. Thanks to the wonders of HaloScan.com (thanks et alia!), people now have the ability to comment upon my various updates. I wanted to allow people easier interaction with me and with each other. The mailing list will still be used for confidential info. Let me know what you think.


  • [update 2004-12-19]

    It's raining bootlegs, Charlie Brown!

    What would the holiday season be without poorly-encoded, Noggin-edited Daria "DVDs" being advertised on eBay? Who could forget learning that someone actually paid nearly $400 for the entire series, only to learn that the episodes were, in fact, the accursed "censored" ones regularly shown on The-N?

    And man, they're not even trying to make the DVDs look legitimate this year. In seasons past, you could usually find semi-professional cover art and the discs themselves packaged in separate sets, like a real DVD collection. This year, one seller boasts that he has fit 65 episodes on six discs, which must have done wonders for the quality of the episodes, which I'm sure wasn't great to start with. These lovely ads run up and down the Daria eBay listings, probably increasing the likelihood that none of the sets will break the record at $400, though as Christmas draws nearer, I wouldn't count out the possibility.

    I realize that, for people who have not seen the series in a while, and cannot even catch the first airing of the episodes on The-N (12 AM Eastern time), buying poor-quality bootlegs is tempting. However, let me remind you why that would be a bad idea. Firstly, it's illegal. Secondly, none of these ads state whether the episodes are uncut or from Noggin, and would you really want to drop $100 for the cut-up episodes? If so, let me refresh your memory about the Noggin-cut "Is It Fall Yet?", which chopped out the entire Allison bi-sexual plotline. Or "Lucky Strike," which cut out the substitute coming on to Tiffany, Helen reporting it, and Daria being forced into the sub role because Ms. Li held a grudge. Without which, you had no idea why Daria was the acting substitute. Thirdly, I have yet to see an amateur digital copy of anything that looks good. Word through the grapevine has it that Daria bootlegs have poor sound quality and the picture is often grimy and compressed. Sounds like money well-spent to me.

    However, once again the proliferation of bootlegs is an example of how badly people want to see the series on DVD. You hear that, MTV? At the same time, I can almost guarantee that if MTV or another company puts out a rush job that mistakenly cuts parts of the episodes (such as the infamous Is It College Yet? DVD), this problem will persist, because fans will want the episodes are they were meant to be seen. So please don't think you can cut corners and get away with it. No dead silences where scene-changing music should go. No cuts for content or episode omissions. Give us quality DVDs, MTV, and I suspect the eBay bootleg market will dry up very quickly.

  • [update 2004-11-28]

    Just an update...

    I added the entries people requested for the music list, but as I said, I would appreciate it if no more entries were sent, at least for the time being, because I don't want to overwhelm any company that finally succeeds in acquiring Daria for DVD.

    Also, Daria has been nudged up to No. 30 (the high was No. 28) on TV Shows on DVD. Is a burst of fan devotion the likely cause, or the fact that Charmed, which was in the Top Ten, will be coming out on DVD? As likely as the latter reason is, I would like to believe the former. In any event, we'll take what we can get.

    Also, I spoke to the company that has been in talks with MTV, and the person I spoke with said that MTV has been stalling. Big surprise, :sigh:

    Finally, these thoughts from fan Louis Gerbarg on the issue of music: "The music rights for Daria have always been an issue, and we have seen various solutions on the two available DVDs, including inserting generic music and omitting the music. What I would really like to see is two audio tracks available, one with some mix of significant original tracks and generic ones, and another which has all of the licensed music removed.... I have a home theatre system that is sophisticated enough to blend multiple tracks, so if I had the audio entry point and levels I could have it blend tracks from iTunes. They could potentially even include a custom player app on the DVD that let people substitute an audio track, though I doubt the cost of a custom engineering like that would be reasonable for this sort of project. But if they provide the non-musical tracks then fans could put a custom frontend together even after the DVDs have been released. It would be especially helpful if they included the audio timecodes and levels on the DVDs." Interesting idea... though with copyright issues, I'm not sure it's legal.

  • [update 2004-11-10]

    Sorry for the delay on announcing the contest...

    I was busy GOTV (getting out the vote) for the 2004 presidential election at the beginning of last week and mourning for the rest. I haven't had much time to update DVDaria or my personal website, The Contrarian's Corner. Anyway, without further ado, the winner of the First Annual DVDaria Contest is..........

    No one.

    I don't know whether that is because some of the basic rules were misunderstood, or whether I just set the threshold for DVDaria GOTV too high. In any event, it may be that everyone assumed that everyone else had signed up 20 people before deadline, and decided it wasn't worth trying. To those who signed up people, a big thanks. Although it was perplexing and a bit disappointing that no one got at least 10, the people you did sign up were enough to nudge Daria up to No. 32 Unreleased Rank and No. 57 Overall (the lowest yet) on the TV Shows on DVD list. 136 votes have been cast since the contest was announced. And (hopefully) we have a crop of new people interested in Daria on DVD.

    So the contest is closed, and the animation cel with Glenn's signature remains in DVDaria's possession. That means there will need to be another contest to determine whom the cel eventually goes home with. One possibility is a general raffle, but I am also interested in hearing any ideas you might have. The ultimate goal is to promote the show on DVD, either to potential fans or potential buyers.

    Meanwhile, a few fans have given some more suggestions for songs on the music wish list, which I will add soon. However, I would like to request that no one send any more entries, because I want to keep the list at a reasonable size so that whichever company licenses the show would be willing to license everything we ask for.

  • [update 2004-10-09]

    DVDaria has been contacted by a company that wishes to put Daria on DVD...

    This is not the first time a company has gotten in touch with us; Alan Benard and I had been communicating regularly with one for several months, but unfortunately, after many hopeful moments, the company's talks with MTV appear to have fallen through. There is no guarantee that this latest company will be any more successful, but since I was contacted by one of their higher-ups, I know they are taking the purchase of the show very seriously. I looked at their other video offerings and their market reach, and was impressed: They cover all the major online and retail outlets, such as Amazon, Borders, and Best Buy.

    We don't have a preference for any company in the hunt for Daria: Any company that cares about what we want is a good company, and we'd be happy to provide it with any information necessary.

    The person who contacted me wanted to know about our music preferences, and that's what I wanted to discuss next. It may not come as a shock to you, but apparently licensing all of the music in the Daria episodes would be very expensive. In fact, I think it was Glenn Eichler who said that it would cost more to license the music than to put all five seasons on DVD. Therefore, the likelihood of getting all of the original music is next to zero.

    However, we've been aware of this problem for quite some time, and have made efforts to figure out which is the most essential music to have in the series. We pressed the company that worked with us last to license the most essential songs, like "Everybody Hurts" in "Road Worrier," "Everlong" in "Lane Miserables," or "What Do You Want from Me?" in "Quinn the Brain." Our insistence (and the persistent demands on this site) appears to have gotten through to the people at MTV, because the person who contacted me recently knew of our concerns ahead of time. I sent him the link to a music wish list that Alan Benard and I compiled several months ago, after we'd asked other fans what music they would most want to hear in the episodes. Click here to view the complete list. There are about 80 songs listed, less than half of the total songs in Season One alone.

    I will be honest: If I hadn't read the Outpost Daria Song Lists, I would never have known that popular songs accompanied most of the scene changes. To me, it often sounded like filler; only notable songs, like the ones I mentioned above, would be ones I'd truly miss.

    In any event, if you feel like a really good song has been left out, e-mail it to us, though try not to go overboard. The company that licenses Daria for DVD might not even use what we already have.

  • [update 2004-9-29]

    DVDaria has a new, easier-to-type URL, thanks to Michelle Klein-Hass: DVDaria.info. The usual URL http://www.the- wildone.com/dvdaria still works just fine, but doesn't DVDaria deserve an address of its own?

  • [update 2004-9-25]

    Not bad...

    A bit of movement at TV Shows on DVD since I first announced the contest, enough to push the show back up to 33 and its overall ranking to 59 from 62. However, we can do better... at Daria's peak, it was at 32 and less than 700 votes separated it from No. 10. Now the gap has widened to nearly 800. 800 votes behind SeaQuest DSV! We know our show is better than that. Remember what is at stake (and not just the animation cel).

    Also wanted to just let you know that when the contest is updated, you will see parts of the existing contest message with [Update *insert message here* ] inside. It would be too confusing to have separate updates and then try to link them all together.

  • [update 2004-9-18]

    Announcing the DVDaria Contest!

    (Be sure to come back periodically to look for any possible additions/changes...)

    TV Shows on DVD as of now stands at:

    Unreleased Rank:

    Overall Rank:

    Season Set:
    1467 (99%)

    Best of:
    355 (24%)

    Individual Episodes:
    322 (22%)

    Total Number of Voters:

    The goal of the contest is to get as many votes as possible to put Daria in the Top 25 or even the Top 10, as well as to recruit new people to the DVD cause. The details are as follows:

    Whoever can get the most people to sign up and vote at TV Shows on DVD wins first prize: a cel from "The Misery Chick" with the background autographed by Glenn Eichler. We're still trying to determine the second and third prizes; when we do, I'll update the announcement.

    The cel isn't perfect -- it was stored, unprotected, in a warehouse along with countless other cels from Seasons One through Three, and the conditions caused some of the ink of the outline to fragment and smudge in a few places. I didn't know this when I bid for the cel on eBay (one of the last Daria cels available to be put up for auction). However, my personal opinion is that the cel is in about 95% good condition, but I'll let you judge for yourself. [Update: Glenn's signature has finally come, and you can get a rough look at what the cel looks like with the signature. You also have your choice of colors. You can chose the slate-gray background, or you can go with brick red or magenta. The cel and signature will be matted and sent to the winner at DVDaria's expense.]

    How the contest works: You have until 11 PM Pacific Standard Time on October 30th to send to dvdaria@yahoo.com a list of people you have persuaded to sign up and vote at TV Shows on DVD. Your list will require:

    1. the person's e-mail

    2. the person's password (so we can check, if need be, to make sure that the sign-in is valid)

    It is fine to use someone who already has an account with TV Shows on DVD... just make sure this person didn't vote for the show on a previous occasion or has agreed to be on someone else's list.

    Most important: The winner must have at least ten people on his/her list (he/she can include his/her own sign-in name). If no one manages to get ten people or more, no one wins the cel (or second or third prize). The reason why we have set the floor so high is that our biggest goal is, again, to get votes so Daria can break the Top 25 or even reach the Top 10. After the trouble we've gone through to secure the cel and Glenn's signature, it would feel like somewhat of a waste if we gave it to someone who only got five people to vote. This way, if it turns out people don't gather many votes, the cel can be used as a big prize in another DVDaria contest.

    I realize that the contest is open to potential abuses -- someone could create a zillion extra e-mail addresses and passwords and claim they belong to separate people, or claim that people who have already voted for Daria on DVD, through no urging of theirs, were people they recruited to sign up. However, I hope everyone who participates in this contest will resist these urges - our biggest goal is to get the show enough attention that it finally gets onto DVD. Obviously if someone submits a list of hundreds whom he/she "recruited," but it isn't reflected in the vote totals on the Daria page, we would know it was fake.

    In any case, I hope you find the contest reasonable and that many of you are motivated to participate. If you have any questions, let me know. Good luck!

  • [update 2004-9-11]

    We're slipping a little with the TV Shows on DVD voting...

    Daria's rank rose as high as 32 on September 1, and has since sunk back down to 34. Fortunately, I plan to announce the contest at the end of this week, which should add some extra motivation. If you vote, or encourage any friends to vote before the initial announcement, you can use that in the contest.

  • [update 2004-8-26]

    Moving on up with TV Shows on DVD

    Unreleased Rank:

    Overall Rank:

    Season Set:
    1404 (99%)

    Best of:
    337 (24%)

    Individual Episodes:
    309 (22%)

    Total Number of Voters:

    At this rate, we won't even need a contest to break No. 25 (though I still plan to have one).

    In "Argghhhhhhh!" news, the possible good news I mentioned in the last update has been put on hold again (I will give details to the mailing list). All the more reason to keep signing the petition, voting at TV Shows on DVD, and writing letters.

    Also, I wanted to post a link to the Spanish DVDaria petition courtesy of Sergio Lopez, webmaster of Daria's Sick Sad World.

    And last, but not least, for The-N viewers in the U.S.: Good news is that The-N showed "Ill" last weekend, Saturday morning at 3:30 AM EST. The bad news is that 1) they aired it way out of prime time, and 2) they trimmed one scene, the one where Jake drives to the school to pick up Daria. According to William Klepadlo, "Murder She Snored" will be the next "lost" episode aired, in September. I would keep on voicing outrage that they aren't showing the episodes consistently or in prime time. In fact, even if you don't get The-N, I would protest anyway. Solidarity!

  • [update 2004-8-13]

    The latest stats for TV Shows on DVD

    Unreleased Rank:

    Overall Rank:

    Season Set:
    1362 (99%)

    Best of:
    328 (24%)

    Individual Episodes:
    302 (22%)

    Total Number of Voters:

    Very nice... we're moving up. It would be great if we could at least break No. 25. Meanwhile, the contest is moving along - we finally acquired the key ingredient to make it work. The thing that holds it up is, ironically, some good news: I mentioned special behind-the-scenes goings-on in my June 30 post; it appears that, after some stalling, things are finally moving again, and I will have more definitive information very soon. People who would like to know more are encouraged to join the mailing list (e- mail dvdaria@yahoo.com and ask to subscribe).

    Bootleg Watch

    eBay appears to have done a good job cracking down on bootlegs, because I haven't seen too many. A few days ago, someone tried to sell the entire series for $125, only to be called out as an illegal seller. Still, they manage to slip by now and then... one set recently sold for $90. The seller boasts: "Don't pay 250.00 plus for this same set when you get the few i have left at a fraction of the price. i am selling the extra sets i have and will sell to the first person who bids 90.00. all sets will be shipped right away and you can start enjoying.case and full chapter menus are included as well. you could turn these around for a quick profit if wanted.i just want to sell the extra sets i have quick hence the price drop.like i said before i guarantee the quality is great and is as good as or better then all the other sets sold on ebay"

    Poor grammar, no in-depth description... I think that raises about all the red flags you need.

    Just to reiterate, DVDaria does not endorse the sale or purchase of bootlegs. However, the fact that some crappy Nogginized VCDs can fetch $90 would serve as a lesson to The Powers That Be yet again that this show can make money.

    In other news...

    For those in the U.S. who watch the Daria episodes on The-N, you likely enjoyed the uncut airings of "lost episodes" "College Bored" and "Cafe Disaffecto." However, for whatever reason, The-N has decided to pre-empt airings of any more lost episodes this month. Read the news on my SOS! Daria News page and express your feelings to The-N via the attached link.

  • [update 2004-7-20]

    Breaking News...

    Michelle Klein-Hass spoke to Glenn Eichler, and he had this to say about Daria on DVD:

    GLENN: So there's no distributor and no release date but what there is is very strong interest from MTV in putting Daria out, and steady activity toward making that a reality. [Emphasis mine.]

    Glenn further noted that "it's the fans who have made this possible and we appreciate it."

    The background story here is that I wanted to see if someone involved with the show, like Glenn, one of the other writers, or a voice actor, would be willing to autograph an animation cel for the contest I'm forming for DVDaria. Michelle contacted Glenn, who filled her in on the current situation. Further information, which I am not at liberty to divulge, suggests that MTV is taking the DVD process very seriously - they are not half-assing or neglecting the show, as we so often feared.

    I don't know whether the fact that other companies are interested in acquiring the DVD rights to Daria gave them a swift kick in the petard, or whether they have always intended to put Daria on DVD (going back to my interview with the then- Manager of Home Video, I'd have to say no), but in any event, the tide has now shifted toward putting out the series on DVD and doing it as right as could possibly be done.

    My personal feeling is that once MTV saw that interest from the old fans was not going to die, and that the show was gaining new fans on The-N, they realized that they had an actual product on their hands. Couple it with the fact that bootlegs were selling well on eBay, not to mention iron-ons and other show-related material, and they knew they couldn't withhold the show forever. You heard it from Glenn: It's our complaining that got us this far. Let's keep making noise so MTV never forgets us, from now until the first DVDs are available. And be sure to send your love to MKH for her contribution to the cause.

  • [update 2004-7-15]

    TV Shows on DVD

    We're up to No. 40, and the stats look like this:

    Unreleased Rank:

    Overall Rank:

    Season Set:
    1260 (99%)

    Best of:
    308 (24%)

    Individual Episodes:
    278 (22%)

    Total Number of Voters:

    It looks as though it won't be as easy to catch The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. as I first thought, given that it has the benefit of being on the main page, easier to find and vote for. However, I'm betting there are a lot of shows that aren't moving between No. 40 and No. 10. Keep voting!

    Meanwhile, the contest is shaping up. If you have already voted, don't despair, because it will not count against you.

  • [update 2004-7-10]

    TV Shows on DVD

    Okay, we've moved up a notch to 42 on the "Most Requested" list, after nearly 60 votes have been cast. Pretty good... though we'll have to do better. I'm thinking of creating a contest where the winner gets an animation cel, possibly autographed. Stay tuned...

  • [update 2004-6-30]

    The epiphany we were hoping for regarding the "promising developments" has, alas, not happened yet. Given the way the entertainment industry works, I'm not surprised. Rather, I am mildly discouraged, but hopeful. Those of you interested in receiving the last newsletter can join the mailing list, and I will send it to you.

    Also, I wanted to announce a couple of site updates. Thanks to the hard work of Aapo Laitinen, the site's new look is on the verge of completion. I think it looks much more professional, though the current design is a biiiig step up from my personal site.

    Secondly, I plan to launch a new feature, the Bootleg Watch. The purpose would not be to inform people of all those delicious bootlegs out there (since DVDaria does not condone the practice), but rather to get scoops on how much a particular set of Daria bootlegs went for on eBay or any other areas where bootlegs could be sold. By reporting the monetary amount paid for these sets, my hope would be to show MTV the folly of sitting on the episodes when the company could be putting out an official set, or selling the license to another company. I remember reading before Christmas that a Daria DVD set went for nearly $500 on eBay. For this, I'm going to need people's vigilance, since I won't be able to find all of the figures for bootlegs sold on my own.

    Thirdly, as Cincgreen mentioned, Daria is No. 43 on the TV Shows on DVD "Most Requested" list. Less than 1,000 votes can push it into the Top 10. I already have the link to this site on my SOS! page, but it's worth posting here because I believe we can make it happen.

  • [update 2004-4-10]

    Hi all... not much new that I can say. There are currently some promising developments going on, but I'm not at liberty to discuss them on the site, at least for now. We had hoped to know the outcome a month ago, but it looks as though the decision will be put off for another few months.

    For now, I would suggest signing up for the DVDaria mailing list for any potential updates. Just go to dvdaria@yahoo.com and say you want to join.

    Also, the DVDaria en francais page has been corrected for proper grammar by alban, and uploaded by the wonderful Alan Benard. Merci beaucoup, mes amis!

  • [update 2004-1-06]

    Whoo-hoo to the DVDaria petition reaching the 10,000 signature milestone! Who would have thought when we started that we would get so much support? Judging from some of the most recent comments, I think we should wait until about 200-300 more have been gathered ("Agh!" you say) before doing more with the list, because that would best guarantee that at least 10,000 sigs were legitimate. There are always double-posts or bogus posts, et cetera. Still, 10,000 is a glorious number and we must worship it. It will hopefully be made sweeter by some potential good news at the end of the month (details then).

    The occasion sparked this musing from Alan Benard on the Paperpusher Board:

    "It was a long time ago, it seems -- though it was just March, 2001 -- that several of us got together online, at this site and message board, and agreed that we needed to focus fan energy on getting Daria on DVD.

    "Support came very slowly, but after a while -- thanks to the list of Daria fansites found on DVDaria's links page -- it was the first thing you got when you Googled "Daria DVD".

    "Here they are, in the order they linked up:

    Outpost Daria

    The Irony Maiden

    Glitter Berries

    The Paperpusher

    Hell is Other People


    Sick Sad World

    The Contrarian's Corner

    DVD AniMania

    Planete Daria [in French]

    MTV Italy -- Daria Online [in Italian]

    it's my turn to say dammit!

    The Digital Daria Project

    Search Thingy

    Clarke Family Tree -- Clarke, Nielsen, May & McSwan Families

    Galactic Cynic, by Cimorene

    Stealth Juggalo's Tenchi Muyo Galleries

    Aapo Laitinen's Personal Site

    "Chainsaw" Jane's Closet Door

    The Daria Project

    Cyber Daria [in French]

    Daria by Numbers

    "It grew from there.

    "Special mention must be made of those who supported the concept from jump:

    "David Wycislak, who wrote the petition and designed the first logo and banners

    "John Takis, who invented the name

    "Martin Pollard, who created the logo and whose site, Outpost Daria has sent the largest number of fans to the petition (proved out via log stats)

    "Martin UK, who kept us focused on the needs of the Daria fans outside the USA

    "And now, the extra special mentions:

    "Aapo Laitinen was so patient with me. When I finally pulled my head out of my butt and discovered that he'd re-designed the entire site and made it look SOOOOO much better than my weak effort, I was in shock. The site looks as good as it does because Aapo cared.

    "Kara Wild has been footing the server bill for a long time now, and has taken over the site's management. Without this stable, non-Geocities home for the past few years, the petition would have never hit 10,000.

    "And Rich gave us the common carrier and HTTP campfire we gather around which permitted us to meet and conspire.

    "And a final tip of the hat to all those who are pissed I didn't mention them.

    "Glenn Eichler said our petition was exquisitely written and angry, and who am I to argue with Glenn Eichler. I guess it must have worked well enough to attract 10,000 fans, nontheless...and will certainly bear the flat, round, silver-colored digital fruit we desire, sooner than later.

    "You never know who's looking in....."

  • [update 2003-11-22]

    Sorry for the lengthy delay on the updating front... again, that is mainly because there hasn't been much to report. The Padded Walls, Issue #2 is in the midst of being cobbled together (the content is there; we're just waiting for the finished product) and contains an article on the latest DVD efforts. Not much that you haven't heard before, but people who aren't tuned in to the DVD/Basic Cable efforts may find it enlightening.

    I'm thinking of sending copies of TPW to people who could help our cause, such as the folks at Rhino or even the programmers at Noggin. I don't know if they would respond, but it would show them that we are serious enough about the show that we would be willing to do more than just sign a petition.

    I also wanted to put to rest the idea that the Daria episodes might soon be appearing at Blockbuster. A while back, D.T. Dey directed us to a page that listed all of the episodes in the Blockbuster inventory, not just the movies. That dredged up a brief amount of buzz that maybe our fight would finally be over and the series episodes would appear on DVD. No such luck: I spoke to a customer service rep over at Blockbuster, and he said that listing titles for things that they did not have, or might never have, in stock was common. Oh well, it was good to dream, if only for a short time.

  • [update 2003-08-19]

    Not much new to add on the DVD front, but I wanted to let US viewers know that last weekend, on August 9th and 10th, Noggin aired "Is It Fall Yet?" and "Is It College Yet?" uncensored. The Allison subplot was left in, along with all of the "bastards" and "screw you"'s. Basically Noggin just aired the MTV (with commercials) cut rather than make a new one. The out-of-primetime airings (3:30 pm PST/6:30 pm EST and 11 pm PST/2 am EST) led us to suspect that Noggin was trying to keep it quiet, not wanting to rile up "concerned" parents, but the fact that they did is tremendously positive, and is a sign that 1) they might air more uncensored episodes, 2) that they have heard our many, many, many complaints, and 3) that Noggin and Viacom are aware that we want to watch Daria pure and uncensored. What starts with uncensored airings of the movies could lead to the eventual release of Daria on DVD.

    Therefore, I think it would be a good idea for US viewers to send Noggin a Thank you and to ask them to air the rest of the episodes uncensored. Here's the Feedback page link: http://www.the- n.com/contact.php

  • [update 2003-08-03]

    Okay, here's where we're at. My news page gives the full details, but back in June, I spoke to Kim Noone, Manager of MTV's Home Video (and DVD) Distribution, and she said that there are no plans to release any new Daria DVDs, including season-by-season releases. MTV's claim is that the current releases didn't sell well, so why put out any more? Oh, I can think of about a thousand reasons, ending with "and now pirates will make a big fat killing on eBay." That said, we can tackle the problem in a number of ways: 1) continue to sign the DVD petition and buy the DVDs, while lobbying the Home Video Department until they change their minds, 2) spread awareness about the show and urge others to sign and buy, and 3) look for a independent distributor who can buy the rights to the series, then release it in full on DVD. The third option is relatively new. We fans had talked about collectively buying the rights to the show, but never viewed it as a realistic possibility. Martin Sylvester (MartinUK), however, brought our attention to a UK-based distributor Kult TV, known for buying the rights to shows with a cult following. While Kult TV declined our request to pick up Daria, based on a limited fanbase in the UK (and presumably very high license fees), it did inspire us to seek other possible distributors. Martin (and Rick Alger on alt.tv.daria) mentioned Columbia House, a US-based distributor. Since it is club-based membership, its distribution may only be limited to the US/Canada, but it's worth a look. Rexx Raul and acebsc also mentioned Rhino. So right now, we're looking into both distributors and will share details as they come, including what Daria fans can do to show support. Meanwhile, keep signing the petition!

  • [update 2003-08-02]

    Just an update to let people know what's happening. Alan Benard, creator and keeper of this site for many months has moved on. He is still involved with the DVD/Basic Cable efforts, just not with the day-to-day operations of this site. After his departure, none of us were sure who was going to take the reins. I (Kara Wild, keeper of the-wildone.com hosting site) thought I would be too busy, and frankly I am busy, so I can't promise that DVDaria will be up to the same speed as it was under Alan. However I intend to update it regularly, as well as reinstitute the mailing list, which shouldn't be too hard since I already have a news page geared toward DVD/Basic Cable updates. Also, Aapo Laitinen, esteemed designer of this site, has promised a better, more interactive version. He and I are still working out the details.

  • [update 2002-08-27]

    + USA: "Is it College Yet?" DVD on sale now -- apparently works in all regions. Read two fan reviews courtesy The Irony Maiden. Sadly, the DVD appears to be the version MTV edited for commercials.

    + Good News: "The N" is running Daria. Bad news: It's kinda heavily edited.

    Details and gnashing of teeth within.

  • [update 2002-06-05] USA: Preorder the "Is it College Yet?" DVD at Amazon.com -- details within, including a chart and ranking numbers from amazonscan.com which demonstrates the intense demand for Daria on DVD.
  • [update 2002-05-24] USA: Daria to air on Noggin! network this summer -- details (including schedule) within. Also, read Martin J. Pollard's news update at Outpost Daria.
  • [update 2002-05-23] The big news about the IICY release date is in the next item.

    Martin Sylvester at the UK supersite Irony Maiden has linked his site to TVshowsonDVD.com, and now so have we. The link takes you directly to the page where you can vote for a Daria DVD release as a full- series, best of and/or specials. However, you have to register. This takes some time (make sure to enable cookies for the site first), but I think it leads to a more valid vote than even our petition (which you will of course sign first -- I mean, you're already here). Thanks to Firah for pointing us to this poll on the alt.tv.daria Usenet group.
  • [update 2002-05-21] Ms. Geek, creator of Lawndale Commons and http://www.msgeek.com, broke the news May 6 on alt.tv.daria that there will be a DVD release of "Is it College Yet?" (Sorry to have missed it, I've been busy.) The disc will also have two episodes from season 5 -- "Lucky Strike" and "Boxing Daria." She also heard from her source at MTV that the folks there are "shocked" at how well the first DVD release, "Is it Fall Yet?" has sold since its release in January. Haven't bought yours yet? Why not?!

    Further, sources at Paramount confirmed today that the release is planned for late August, with DVDaria's source at Viacom putting a date to it: August 27, 2002. The Viacom contact also said this disc will contain the first never-aired Daria "extra" since the pilot was released on video: "character sketches + profiles"!

    Read all about it in excrutiating detail in the current DVDaria List email update...including what you can do to further impress Paramount/MTV...and sign up for it while your at it. If you don't, you'll miss our alert when it's time to preorder!
  • [update 2002-02-18] Daria now available everywhere.... News just in from alt.tv.daria -- the "Is it Fall Yet?" DVD now on sale in the US works in all DVD regions! What does this mean for you, if you don't live in the US? It means that you need to buy the DVD NOW and support Daria! You, too can now help to convince MTV to release the entire series on DVD.
  • [update 2002-02-16] Madame Kara Wild invites you to enjoy this site free of Geocities popups, thanks to her generous offer of hosting by The Contrarian's Corner. After you sign the petition, discover the fanfic, fanart and essays. Write me if you need to know how to get an X-10 camera, cheap.
  • [update 2002-02-05] Found another very thorough and complementary review by Adam Tyner -- and more places to buy "Is it Fall Yet?" -- at DVD Talk. We've got nothing to do with the site, but somehow, people are finding their way here from there, so, thanks!
  • [update 2002-01-31] DVDaria has been contacted by...someone...at Viacom...somewhere. They thank us and especially YOU, the fans, for telling them what you want in a Daria DVD release! Their advice: The best way to make it known that there is a market for a full, boxed-set relese of Daria is to buy "Is it Fall Yet?" on DVD. We're also led to believe that if the first movie sells well, the next release may be "Is it College Yet?" And then...who knows?

    Another piece of news should make "Daria" fans outside the US very happy. Your support of VHS episode releases has been much stronger than has been seen in the US. Good work! Now...let's keep it up. Along with writing to MTV and asking for DVD releases in your region, you can continue to buy product designed for your market. You should also check out the new page dedicated to places to buy Daria DVDs and videos for a link to The Irony Maiden's list of UK video outlets.

    In the meantime...if you signed the petition, thanks very much. If you haven't, please do. And then, tell your friends who don't look up Daria stuff online, yet are big fans, to get the movie and sign, too! With your help, we can realize our dream of Daria boxed sets.

    If your friends need convincing on buying the DVD, check out John Takis' very influential DVD review, below.
  • [update 2002-01-17] John Takis posted up the first fan review of "Is it Fall Yet?" on DVD, released Jan. 14, 2002, on The Paperpusher's Site message boards:

    Review by John Takis


    To begin with, nothing can completely describe the pleasure I feel watching Daria on my DVD player. After all these years of wrangling with the VCR, dealing with MTV logos and pop-ups and numberless glitches ... it's a deeply fulfilling experience. And it's UNCUT.


    Not bad. Not great, but not bad. It's certainly up to broadcast standards ... but there's a little bit of that horizontal-bar effect you see on poorly formatted animation DVDs when there's a lot of fast motion on the screen. That's a minor distraction, but one I could have done without. Maybe it's just my DVD player. Still, I must be clear ... it looks better than my old VHS tapes! And the knowledge that it won't degrade is a major plus.


    I couldn't find any flaws with the audio. Crisp, clean, no interference ... very nice. No bells and whistles, of course, but the show wasn't exactly a surround-sound extravaganza.


    Ordinary, but nicer than the recent "Simpsons" box set. There's a neat layering effect over the main menu screen. The actual off-center DVD case is still pretty lame.


    Well, we have the music video ... but the real gems are the two complete episodes. Yes, each episode contains the complete main title sequence (audio-ripping here I come!) I couldn't tell you if the background music is the same as the original broadcast tunes. To tell the truth, I never really noticed or cared. The alter-egos are still there next to the end credits, but strangely there is NO MUSIC AT ALL playing during both sequences ... not even the instrumental version of the Daria theme that played over the VHS credits. Odd. Outtakes at the end of the film are completely preserved, thankfully. The only thing missing (apart from more episodes) is last year's "Behind the Scenes" special. That would have been a treat. But hey ... 50 minutes of supplemental features ain't bad for MTV.


    $20 isn't a horrible price for about two hours of content. Frankly, everyone reading this should buy this DVD. You know you'll own a DVD player eventually, so why not start your "Daria" collection NOW and show MTV there's a market?

  • DVDaria News Archive

Our mission is to gather support for the release of the entire television series Daria on DVD.

After five seasons and two TV movies, Daria has ceased production and airings on MTV US. Many other animated programs produced by MTV -- notably, Beavis and Butthead -- have completely disappeared from the network since ending production. Given this, it is our fond hope that MTV appreciate that enough of a market exists worldwide for a complete release of the series in DVD format. We intend to prove this.

Many fans of the show who came to the party late have yet to see many of the best episodes, and MTV will most likely never run these episodes again.. The channel decided -- with notable exceptions -- to avoid airing episodes from the first two seasons for more than the last year of Daria's run, leaving a lot of latecoming fans stranded, having never seen many episodes.

MTV airs or has aired Daria in many countries, and many languages. We support making any DVD release Region Zero -- viewable in all countries with any DVD player. This expands the market for a DVD release. For example, the at The Irony Maiden reports that his online poll of Daria fans indicates that there's one fan in the United Kingdom for every two in the U.S. Also, U.K. viewers have, thus far, not been offered the second of the two VHS Daria videos. Worse yet, MTV in Germany and Holland reportedly has stopped running the series, well before its end. As an added bonus, the alternate language tracks possible in such a "regionless" DVD version add value to the money MTV has already spent dubbing episodes for non-English-speaking markets.

So far, Daria's owner -- MTV Networks, a subsidiary of Viacom -- has released two Daria home videos, containing the first seven episodes and an unaired pilot. But videotape doesn't last forever. We lunatics who obsessively tape Daria want to be able to watch all of the episodes once it leaves the air in a format that won't self-destruct after 10 years. We're cheered that Paramount Home Video has decided to release "Is it Fall Yet?" in Region 1 DVD, and encourage all fans to buy it or demand releases for their region.

Equally discouraging -- to save money on licensing fees -- MTV/Sony Video chose to release the home videos without the original music. Other elements particular to this show and dear to the hearts of Daria fans -- notably, the alter-egos which (used to) appear during the end credits -- were also deleted. We want to be able to watch the episodes as they appeared when they first ran -- intact.

The DVD format makes all this possible, and provides room for other goodies the Daria fan community craves, and will pay money to own.

Low-quality digital video copies of Daria episodes exist, and are traded via the Internet. MTV sees nothing from this illegal activity. They would make money from hundreds of thousands of fans -- through direct sales and rentals -- by archiving the series on Digital VideoDisc.

Cool. What can I do?

Please follow the link to the petition supporting this effort and sign.

Also, please leave your thoughts about what a perfect Daria DVD release would include -- and new information about this topic -- on our Opinion Book (View). Ask your friends who support a DVD release to post as well. We hope to demonstrate interest by collecting as many unique signatures as possible.

Contact us with ideas about how to do this more effectively.

And please don't forget to write your letter!


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Daria on VHS
"Other people don't have DVD players, but still want to buy complete episodes as they aired, in the order they aired. Daria has been shown in many countries around the world. Some people want the series released in NTSC (USA), SECAM (France) and PAL (UK) video standards. Those people should sign this petition."

Last update: 2010-05-14