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Is Contrarian even a word?? She sure hopes so...

Contact her at kara_wild@dslextreme.com. If you feel you must.
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Learn Why the Contrarian Chose Her Name
It could change your life!
The Contrarian's Eight Commandments
It could change your life... some more!
The Contrarian's Artistic Side Revealed
NEW! I have uploaded my spec scripts. Read the scripts and see my artwork.
The Earth-Shattering Essays Section
Enter to read Daria essays by myself and others, and my own personal rants about... well, anything.
The Daria Fanfics Special Collection
Enter if you want to find out who this Daria person is.
SOS! Daria Overboard!
A section devoted to preserving the show's future, with links to DVDaria, a petition, and more.
A Writing Workshop Page
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Links to Other Websites
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